Samsung Galaxy Fold Launch Events in China Delayed

With the controversial reputation the Galaxy Fold has developed for itself, Samsung has postponed its launch events in China.

The said events were supposed to be held in Hong Kong and Shanghai on April 23rd and 24th respectively. While the date for the US launch event remains unchanged, the dates for the Chinese events have been postponed with no word on revised dates.

In response to this, Samsung China has blamed their venues for the postpone, and it’s still unclear whether the Taipei event on 25th April is affected by this.

Broken Displays and Design Issues

Recently, the phone has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. From protrusions in the display to flickering screens and completely broken units, a number of major reviewers had their phones fail on them.

A teardown surfaced on Weibo a few days ago which showed how the Galaxy Fold’s hinge worked. The sophisticated design coupled with precise placements of different components means that it’s very easy to break one, which might have lead to the faulty review units.

No Word From Samsung, Yet

Though Samsung hasn’t really provided a valid reason for this delay, however, given the timing it appears that the company might be buying itself a little bit more time to investigate and address the questionable reputation the smartphone has developed lately.

Considering the event dates for the US have not been moved, it’s also entirely possible that the delays might be completely unrelated to the issues reported by the early reviews.

As it stands, it is still unclear whether this has to do with the faulty review units or not.