Petition Filed Against Taxes on Mobile Phone Cards

A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court stating the consumers should get the complete balance from their mobile phone cards.

The petitioner, Advocate Kulsoom Khaliq, maintained that the issue is of public interest. The apex court’s earlier decision to eliminate taxes on the mobile phone cards was in public’s interest. Therefore, the current decision to restore the taxes cannot be sustained under the law.

The petitioner requested the court to restore its previous decision and remove tax deduction on the mobile cards. Notably, the Supreme Court had reinstated taxes on mobile phone cards a week ago.


Supreme Court Reinstates Taxes on Mobile Phone Cards

A three-member bench, with Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, heard the case. The top court withdrew its previous stay order of June 12, 2018, that ordered to abolish all taxes on mobile top-up.

Last year, the then-Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Saqib Nisar, issued a written order to all cellular service providers for the suspension of taxes on mobile cards.

The former chief justice ordered to make the necessary arrangements to remove all taxes until a system is introduced to differentiate between the taxpayers and those who do not fall under the tax net.

  • Yeah But Court Delay Or Cancelled this Petition (Due to Favor of Pakistan Economic)

  • I am not even against the tax. The issue is that the tax is just too much. I would be happy if government removes WHT and service tax. Reduce the other tax to be only 10%. So on 100 rupees charge, only 10 rs. deducted.

  • The USF also subsidises telecom., services to the respective segment. Here as in discussion subsidy/reduction should essentially be considered for Seniors, old, aged which comes under this category should give a special subsidy duly supported by the USF to Seniors from Gigabit-Capable Passive Optical Network with OFN that would help the disabled, aged, weak, on bed population for enablement with AI in Pakistan and China, for enabling the disabled population. This subsidy be provided for Senior users that would promote the cause of simulation, R&D., in Pakistan with the assistance of China.

  • Last time chief justice maintained not less than a ton of statements, telling the people about why even a poor guy should not pay these taxes and now this bench, can they at least tell the nation that previous chief justice was nuts and he made a lot of questionable stupid decisions or they wont tell us anything???? Now where is that system, govt was forced to design before applying taxes on these cards???? Clearly govt needs money and this court came for some help thats whats its all about..

  • One bench starts hearing and they reach on a decision as per applicable laws and examining all the relevant facts.

    Later after some time period, a petition is filed against the previous decision and another bench starts hearing and reaches a conclusion. They overrule the decision made by previous bench.

    What I don’t get here is whether the first bench was not aware of the laws under which their decision is overruled by the 2nd bench. Why can’t they just make a decision and stand on it.

  • It is not the issue of paying tax alone. People are paying indirect taxes, willingly or unwillingly. At the same time, there are NAB and other law enforcing agencies have filed tons of criminal cases against Pakistan’s elite class who have brutally looted Pakistan’s wealth (people’s money). Some of these elites have been convicted also. Now it has become a credibility issue – whether the tax money I pay is in trustworthy hands? Can someone assure me that my tax money will not be stolen?

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