Turkey’s Largest Mosque is Finally Open for Public [Pictures]

Turkey’s biggest mosque, Camlica Mosque Complex Istanbul, is finally open for public after 6 long years of construction and a few controversies.

The mosque, influenced by Seljuk and Ottoman style architecture, can house 63,000 worshippers. Turkey’s second largest mosque, Sabanci Central Mosque Adana has a capacity of 28,500 people.

The mosque was inaugurated by Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday last week. The signature project is valued at $4.7 billion by Forbes.

From indoor parking for up to 3,500 vehicles to 236 feet high central dome signifying 72 ethnic communities residing in Istanbul, every aspect of the mosque signifies Turkish history and its heritage.

16 names of Allah inscribed on the walls represent 16 states which were founded by the Turks.

The mosque houses 8 art studios, conference hall, library, art gallery, and a museum area.

The mosque has six minarets; four are 107.1 meters, while the remaining two are 90 meters high. The 107.1-meter minarets commemorate the Turkish victory in the Battle of Malazgirt in 1071 AD.

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