This 21 Year Old’s Charity Initiative is Transforming Lives

Parvarish Charity Foundation (PCF) is a non-profit organization based in Lahore that provides underprivileged children and orphans with basic needs like education, financial support, nourishment, and care. Their core aim is to offer complete support to these children at every step of the way in their life to secure for them a brighter, more hopeful future.

Led by Shahwaiz Nadeem, an enthusiastic 21-year old, PCF came to life in June 2017. It all started with Shahwaiz gathering funds from friends and family to help one needy household. The cause grew with time as more and more supporters reached out to him.

Shahwaiz Nadeem

His grandmother Dr. Tabassum Bhatty, PCF’s Patron-in-chief, offered a portion of her house to be used as Parvarish Home where kids go for after-school support classes and Quran courses. They are also given food and snacks to eat and get to play with other Parvarish kids so they may enjoy a normal healthy life as every child deserves irrespective of their socio-economic background.

Since its conception, PCF has successfully impacted the lives of 80 families, 32 needy children, and has also aided higher education for 8 students.

Fizza, Zainab and Sara

Fizza, who is among the first 5 kids adopted by Parvarish; is the daughter of a gardener hailing from a small village near Tandliawala. Her family was living in extreme poverty, so much so that at times they did not even have access to daily meals let alone education.

Parvarish not only took care of Fizza but also supported her father to become a productive citizen by finding him work, he now works at PCF. Fizza now goes to Allied School and she scored 2nd position in her class recently.

Shahwaiz says,

We all spend money on ourselves, built luxury homes for ourselves, provide more than the need of our children but how many of us are capable of rising above the usual norm, above the societal code of conduct, towards the optimum of spirituality and self-peace.

If you’re interested in supporting this cause and helping kids like Fizza in this blessed month, visit their website [] or call 0301-4166333 and donate for their cause.

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