Samsung is Bringing 5x Optical Zoom to its Phones Soon

With devices like Huawei P30 Pro and Oppo Reno 10x Zoom bringing optical zoom to their devices, Samsung is not going to stay behind the trend for long.

The latest update on the Korean tech giant suggests that they’re ready to bring optical zoom for their Smartphones in the near future.

Samsung is working on its own 5x optical zoom camera sensor. This new camera module is made by Samsung Electro-Mechanics and is capable of handling 5x optical zoom.

Apparently, Samsung’s recent acquisition of Corephotonics, the same company that worked with Oppo Reno’s optical zoom, had something to do with the development of this new module as well.

Tricky Engineering

This new camera module is slightly thinner compared to Samsung’s older modules. Thanks to being only 5mm thick, it won’t be protruding out of the back of the phone.

This is done by using a periscope design that uses mirrors to reflect light sideways to keep things slim. It is also going to be installed vertically into the device which should keep the thickness of the phone down.

A few snapshots released by Samsung showcase the performance of the new sensor.

According to rumors, we are to likely see this new optical zoom sensor on the upcoming Galaxy Note devices this year.