PIA is Finally Doing it Right

Recently, PIA announced a break even in operating profit and there was a positive change in the flight experience of passengers as well. The twitter feed is filled with positive comments by passengers appreciating the new management, sharing their wonderful experience and wishing the national airline the best of luck for their flight to greatness.

The new management, under the leadership of CEO, AM Arshad Malik, and in line with Prime Minister’s vision for #NayaPakistan, is committed to turning around the national flag carrier to better serve the people of Pakistan in a transparent and accountable manner. As part of the PIA’s strategic business plan to revive the airline, a rigorous and strenuous recruiting process was undertaken to hire a Chief Financial Officer.

Consequently, after required due diligence, Mr. Khalilullah Sheikh has been recruited to undertake the responsibilities of this office. It is hoped that under his guidance PIA will see further improvements in financial management.

Mr. Sheikh brings with him extensive experience in finance and more importantly financial change management with proven records of contributing towards taking companies like K-Electric to customer-centric and profitable entities. Financial management is the lynchpin for the success of any organization, and with the past record of PIA, it is good to see that the new management is taking the right steps towards turning around our national airline.

Overall, it looks like PIA is finally going in the right direction. Recent changes in PIA include expansion in networks, improved flight timings, greater hospitality and care by the PIA staff, increased cargo load factor, improved engineering services, an online Passenger Service System, leaner structure, and greater transparency and accountability in operations.

And this is just the start, there is much more in the works like additions in the fleet, and further improving the inflight experience.

  • “taking companies like K-Electric to customer-centric and profitable entities” lol, that is not even a joke :’D

    • i totally agree with you as their old website is worst one i came across any other airline in the world. Complicated, Non Responsive and always showing wrong information.

      Hope to see some positive change.

      • Website of Bangladesh Biman is more worst than PIA. When Bangladesh was East Pakistan, PIA offered Sikorsky service all over the east wing, connecting over Dacca and Chittagong to the entire PIA network, from Tokyo to New York. Today Biman barely flies to second tier cities, what to speak of Sikorsky service. Those passengers must take auto-rickshaw or mule.

    • Sponsored does not mean that fake or wrong information is shared. In today’s digital world its just a search away to verify any information.

      • you are write sponsored content has no issue but this article is just self-congratulation of organization

      • Sponsored content honay mai masla nai hai like brands pitching their products

        but the way in which this article is written is just self-congratulation

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