Tecno Pakistan Joins Khubaib Foundation to Deliver Quality Education to Orphans

Tecno Mobile, a smartphone brand, together with Khubaib Foundation, a social welfare services organization, joined to support the cause of “Providing Quality Education for Orphans” through a campaign called “Tecno Blue Chalk.”

The aim of this act of social responsibility is to raise donations and create awareness to improve the education of Khubaib Foundation’s orphans. Tecno has promised to donate a certain amount to Khubaib and will be paying a portion out of each smartphone they sell in the future to this noble cause. Basically, with the purchase of any Tecno mobile phone, a part of your spending will be given to Khubaib Foundation.

An Event, held at Khubaib Foundation Haripur on 28th May 2019, started with the name of Allah, followed by Qaseeda Burda Sharif by the Orphans of Khubaib Foundation. “Tecno Blue Chalk” was also joined by several KOL’s, government leaders, media persons and educationists.

A signing ceremony of the MOU between Tecno Mobile and Khubaib Foundation also took place to help orphans realize their dreams of getting a quality education. At the event, all the Tecno Team, together with media, distributors, and dealers, had Iftar with the brilliant kids and distributed Eid gifts among them.

GM Tecno Pakistan said,

Education is a cornerstone of any civilized society. Unfortunately, some children are unable to get quality education due to financial pressure or family circumstances. When a child is orphaned, it is the responsibility of each member of the society to take ownership of that child and do whatever is possible to ensure that no child is left behind. I must appreciate Khubaib Foundation, which has done a fantastic job at ensuring that these children are protected, educated, and developed as useful members of the society. We aim to make sure that they get a fair chance in life.

We at TECNO Pakistan are determined to perform our corporate social responsibility and contribute towards the betterment of the youth of Pakistan. TECNO will keep participating in such social activities to ensure that we play our part in this important mission.

Tecno has placed donation boxes in more than 100 shops and has made sure to let everyone know and have a chance to participate in an extremely noble cause like this.

Khubaib students also participated by doing different performances like a Cultural Show, Taekwondo and other talent shows.

GM Khubaib Foundation said,

Tecno will not end this activity after a single day, but will also support this organization for the whole year and has promised to donate on every single sale of its handset. Tecno will also put donation boxes in more than 100 Tecno outlets countywide, to raise voice for these orphans to achieve their rights.

Unlike any other mobile phone brand in Pakistan, Tecno has taken their social responsibility to an entirely new level and have set an example for its competition with the announcement of this campaign. The campaign aims to bring ‘Quality Education for Orphans’ and evoke values and acts of generosity and kindness for an integrated fundraising drive to be implemented nationwide.