Motorola Won’t Be Launching Moto Z4 Force or Play

Motorola has officially confirmed on Twitter that they will not be launching any further Moto Z devices this year. This means that we are not going to see the Moto Z4 Force or the Z4 Play. Not this year at least.

When asked by a fan, the brand responded by saying that they will not be announcing additional Moto Z devices this year. Sad news for all the fans waiting for the Play and Force variants of the phone.

This is rather surprising because last year we did get a Moto Z3 Play alongside the regular Moto Z3. However, seeing no Force variant was still expected to some extent as the last Moto Z Force we saw was the Z2, which was back in 2017.

Motorola is simplifying its smartphone lineup, and it seems like they’re planning to stick to their low-end and mid-range category of smartphones, and won’t be launching a true flagship powered by a Snapdragon 855. But then again, Motorola might just be adjourning the release of the two variants until next year. Nothing is set in stone as of yet.

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