Sooper Junoon World Cup Anthem Unites all Pakistanis

Pakistan is a diverse and multi-cultural country that boasts multiple religions, 5 different provinces, and more than 60 languages are spoken in its boundaries. The benefits of having such a diverse nation are that there exists unity and strength in said diversity. Peek Freans Sooper has paid homage to this diversity and shed light on it with the help of their SooperJunoon World Cup 2019 anthem ‘Choolein Aasmaan/Badlein Jahan’

The song hits home with the truth, that no matter what difference between the people, one thing that brings them together is the love for Pakistan. The video pays homage to this truth along with interweaving a story that captures the various religions of Pakistan as well as the diversity that exists between them and the people living in Pakistan; we have shots from the length and the breadth of the country that shows a wide range of diversity.

The diversity is not just in the religious context but we also see contrasting professions from showcasing white collar workers to blue collar workers, and it focuses on the diversity in genders as well, showing members from the transgender community.

No tribute to Pakistan is complete without the mention of cricket because let’s be honest, us Pakistanis have always come together under the banner of cricket – irrespective of whoever we are, we unite to support our team in green and it is worth pointing out that the song is Peek Freans’ entry for our team’s World Cup campaign. The song is the perfect answer to the question why every Pakistani loves cricket and through cricket, why we love Pakistan.

The video takes the idea of diversity and runs with it. It boldly sends the nation a timely reminder of the need to support minorities and those underrepresented and underprivileged. The song itself is vintage Junoon with their trademark powerful vocals and the music evoked the passion and patriotic spirit in the listener.

The song has been widely lauded on social media, where it has gone viral with millions of Pakistanis across the world showing their love for this song with their likes, comments and shares – especially from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

If we look at this from a marketing perspective, we find that it caters to the masses with an emotional appeal that tugs at our heartstrings as it perfectly captures Pakistan and its inherent beauty with the surreal Northern Areas and the vast deserts in all their glory. Junoon is a mega brand in their own right and this partnership with Peek Freans Sooper creates the perfect synergy that helps get the message across.

The message itself is quite simple really; everyone is equal in Pakistan and they deserve the same level of respect and recognition. It serves as a timely reminder of the need for tolerance and inclusivity. It serves as a moment of pride for all Pakistanis as it gives off a sense of nationalistic pride and patriotism. Lastly, Sooper ka hai poora Pakistan – which includes every single citizen.

You can take a look at the anthem here:

  • Mashallah! We Pakistanis really need to unite to achive peace! We can’t just divide ourselves up with sects, religions and culture! Let’s hope that these songs and people shall make us unite once again!

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