Bahrain Set to Open World’s Largest Underwater Theme Park [Pictures]

Bahrain is set to open the world’s largest underwater theme park with a submerged Boeing 747 aircraft.

The 70-meter long plane sunk and transformed into an artificial reef will be one of the several attractions for divers and tourists from all parts of the world.

The eco-friendly park stretches 100,000 square meters in Diyar Al Muharraq which has seven artificial islands. It will be open for the public in August.


Bahrain aims to attract scuba-divers and ocean enthusiasts.

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Kingdom Of Bahrain’s Boeing 747 via Divers Guide
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Manama, Bahrain. Via Livestly
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Via Scramble

The move comes as Bahrain aims to strengthen its economy by attracting more tourists. Eco-tourism is on the rise in the world and Bahrain is taking the lead with world’s largest underwater eco-friendly park.

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