Here’s How Pakistan Can Still Qualify for the World Cup Semi Finals

Pakistan, after its abysmal performance in the ongoing Cricket World Cup 2019, is almost at the brink of elimination. The team now needs, what’s familiar to us broken fans, X needs to beat Y and Z needs to beat A scenario to qualify. If nothing else, this team has helped improve Pakistan’s Maths and Stats.

Here are the scenarios that will see Pakistan qualify.

Here is the latest table (doesn’t include Australia vs Bangladesh as it is happening right now).

First things first, Pakistan has to win all their remaining matches against:
1) South Africa
2) New Zealand
3) Bangladesh
4) Afghanistan

Scenario 1:

While New Zealand’s victory over South Africa has made Pakistan’s route to the Knockout stages at the expense of them improbable, it is still quite possible.

  • New Zealand lose to West Indies, Pakistan, Australia and India; they will stay on nine points and if Pakistan win their remaining matches, they will qualify over New Zealand. In this scenario, the Windies will have to lose at least one match against their remaining opponents – India, Sri-Lanka, Afghanistan.
  • New Zealand win one of their remaining matches and lose the rest; they will be on 11 points and if Pakistan win their remaining matches, it will come down to the Net Run Rate (NRR). In this scenario, if they lose to the Windies, then the men in maroon will have to lose one of their remaining matches.

Scenario 2:

While Australia have defeated Pakistan, the men in green might have the last yaw (laugh). Again improbable but not impossible.

  • Australia lose at least three or more of their remaining matches against Bangladesh (ongoing at the time of this post), England, New Zealand, South Africa. Pakistan has to win their remaining matches, and the yawning tigers will qualify over the Kangaroos. If the Aussies, lose to Bangladesh, then Bangladesh will need to lose at least one of their matches against Afghanistan, India and Pakistan; then it will come down to NRR between the two and if they lose more than one, Pakistan will directly qualify.

Scenario 3:

Pakistan’s solitary victory up to this point has been against England and that win could prove to be even more beneficial than they could have imagined.

  • England lose at least three of their remaining fixtures against Sri-Lanka, Australia, India and New Zealand, Pakistan win their remaining fixtures; England will have another premature cup exit. If Sri-Lanka wins their match against England, they will have to lose at least one of their remaining matches.

Scenario 4:

Indians might have seen us yawning but they just might see us roar.

  • If India loses at least three of their remaining matches against Afghanistan, West Indies, England, Bangladesh and Sri-Lanka and Pakistan win theirs, then it will come down to NRR. In this scenario, if India loses to either or all West Indies, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, then these three countries will have to lose their other matches.
  • If India lose at least four of their remaining matches, and Pakistan go on a hot streak, Pakistan will have the last laugh. In this scenario, if India loses to either (or all) West Indies, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, then these three countries will have to lose their other matches.

Bonus Scenario:

If you have made it this far and still hold out hope that Pakistan still might qualify, this one is as Pakistani as it gets:

  • Even if Pakistan lose to South Africa but South Africa beats Sri-Lanka and West Indies, Scenario 1 in  New Zealand’s case is still possible but on NRR

  • only deserving teams should made to semi’s and final
    and Pakistani team don’t deserve a place there
    those who worked efficiently on their teams in recent years and prepared themselves well for this big event should only qualify

  • pulling at straws here . Our team deserves nothing less then a return to Karachi airport greeted by hundreds of angry Pakistanis.

  • Last Bonus, agr saari teams ko Alien utha k lejae aur pakistan akeli team bache to hm jeet jaengy world cup.

    • Bilqul sai kaha jo bhi ho pakistan ke sath per boht mayos kia sub qo thory koshesh to karen bhala

  • Honestly speaking Pak team lack required potential, strength, skills, mind set ,to be reserved for semifinals …a hidden majical support may do a favor.

  • Miracle Needed… Pakistan never won on skill or talent rather they always won on Prayers/Luck…. They Need GOOD LUCK to get a place in Semi Final ….

  • No Dua or prayers will help until someone tries helping themself first. God helps hard workers. One cannot write an exam merely by praying loads and not working hard enough and then pass with flying colours. Nothing comes easily, is what I’ve understood out of life,

  • sab k matches me barsat hojaye aur pakistan apne next sare matches jeet jaye to pakistan pohanch jaye ga LOL:)

  • Full Bull Sh*t it is
    Khelo nae Burggers khao raat raat bhar sheesha piyo to tm Ghar hi ao gay semi’s m nae jao gay
    This PAkistan team dose not even deserve to come home they are so unprofessional
    shit heads
    pori duniya mian beizzati karwa di yet again

  • Other Pakistani teams had some potential or hope but this team is lacking in every department ,management,coach, captain,fielding, pace bowling attack normally our strength.

  • I know that it’s too difficult to qualify for semi-final and only hard-working teams deserves the world cup,but being a Pakistani its my pray that Pakistan go to final and win the cup,Because a Pakistani never loses hope.But we will not forgive the cheaters who spent their all night in the (sheesha) cafe and led our team defeat and we will not forgive the poor captain sarfaraz, i miss My old captain (SHAHID AFRIDI) (A LIVING LEGEND) if YOU also miss afridi hit the like.

  • Jab tak is team main without merit… sifarishi aur ana parast lalachi bandy bharti hongy… yeh sudhar nahin sakty..jab kisi ki niyat kharab ho to dua kya khak asar kary gi….Entire team need to be replace with only honest, hardworking and merit selected players…. kick all of them out….their playing style clearly shows they are not sincere nor serious…only enjoying the trip…with family….

  • if Pakistan qualifies for semi final by any means…… let me tell you Pakistan will lift the world Cup.

  • can we eliminate the requirement of winning all remaining matches please ? ;)

  • Arey bhai chorho Pakistan team ko
    Is time jo top 4 teams hain wohi desrve karti hain semifinal mein jana

    • exactly the one who prepares well should win
      dropping 7 catches and win against SA
      and you still want them to lift WC lol

  • Dear Hasan Saeed,
    Do something productive and postie…..Pakistan Cricket Team is totally unpredictable!

  • And if the members of terrorist group that attacked in Kashmir & Pakistan increases their literacy rate by 70% and Saudis let Women be Independent and so on so fort ……mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. NO

  • You know the sad thing is that I was a fast bowler and good enough to play in under 19 but Bribes gets you in not talent . At least Imran could motivate these fat slobs to lose Weight and work hard to make it to , at least , Semi Finals but those days are long gone . It’s rather embarrassing to lose to India . Why aren’t these players aware of this ??

  • Semi final main pohanch ke kya krega Pakistan, world cup to jeetny aye nahi hain, fahim ashraf ko 2 saal tak prepare kia or imad wasim ko le gaye jo t20 ka player hai, imam, fakhar, shoaib malik jesi museebat ke sath ye matches kesy jeety jayengy ye koi bataye, inko select kr ke ye message dia gaya hai ke team chahy zaleel ho hum parchi culture pe yaqeen krty hain

  • I hope if pakistan doesn’t get to qualify then pak must not win their match against Bangladesh and help them qualify over england. If we don’t get to part then lets spoil theirs.
    Bonus: If somehow it rains on final day and its reserve day. Maza ajai ga. Jaisy “chai k sath samosa”

  • bhai sahab, kitna time laga hay is article ko write kernay main…. matlab calculation kernay main…

    apna bhi time waste kiya hay or hamara bhi….

  • You are expecting to win WC from a team who won the match from SA after dropping 7 catches!! I think LOL.. you should have to change yours thoughts and expectiontation on time!!

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