Oppo to Unveil Under Display Camera Phone Next Week

Oppo, after popularizing the idea of pop-up cameras, has now taken a step towards in-display selfie cameras. The technology was first teased earlier this month as the company’s VP Brian Shen shared a video showcasing the new tech and now Oppo is going to show it off in Shanghai.

Just a week ago, the patent for Samsung’s unique phone with the 4-sided curved display was made public. The patent also showed an in-display selfie camera, but it looks like Oppo is ahead in the race.

Coming back to Brian Shen’s video, the placement of the camera looks pretty intriguing. In the video, we can clearly see people launching the camera and taking snaps.

The VP mentions that the camera quality of the in-display camera is inferior to a normal front-facing camera.

Official Announcement

Everything went quiet after the teaser; however, the news is that the company will take the in-display camera prototype to the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai on 26th June.

Invitations for the event have been sent to a number of media representatives and the poster has been making rounds on the internet. The text translates to “even more surface” which of course, refers to the notch-less display. In the poster, we can also see a blue ring under the speaker which shows where the in-display camera will be.

The Asian MWC is a common place for manufacturers from Asia-Pacific regions to showcase their technologies and innovations before they are used in actual smartphones.

  • Now that is something innovative! I don’t know why people paying grands to samsung and apple. The first under display finger print scanner was by vivo and now this under display camera by oppo. Samsung and Apple should work on technology rather than getting huge money from people

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