Leica Launches its “Entry Level” M-E Typ 240 Rangefinder Camera

Leica, a German camera maker, has released another rangefinder camera in its M-series and this time, has made it more accessible as well. Leica’s M-series was launched 65 years ago and has continued its rangefinder photography tradition since then.

The series is famous for its compact size, quiet working, uncomplicated menus, and great low light photography. However, this entry-level Leica M camera will have a few limitations due to its “comparatively” low price.

Unlike other M-series cameras, this one does not work very well in low light due to the limited ISO range. However, it does have other useful features that can work pretty well for newbies.


Like all other Leica M cameras, the M-E TYP 240 also comes with elegant old school design and high-end construction. The body is dust and splash resistant and half the body is covered with leather to provide a safer grip and better protection. There’s anthracite grey paint on the top and bottom to complete the retro look.


This camera is ranked among the few truly compact full frame cameras currently available, the main reason behind its high price. It features a 24 MP CMOS sensor that provides light sensitivity of up to 6400 ISO. Hence, it will not provide good results in low-light, contrary to what Leica claims.

The 2GB buffer memory allows the user to shoot in burst mode in up to three fps. One of its downsides is its 1080p video recording, which is a bummer considering many phones can capture 4K videos. It has a dedicated video recording button though, so that’s a plus.

The camera will be available in stores by 25th July at a $3,995 price tag.