Here’s Lalchand’s Story of Courage and Entrepreneurship Through E-Commerce

Lalchand is a 22-year-old from Karachi who runs his own mobile accessories shop. From tripod camera stands to USB cables and headphones, LalCollections – an online store on Daraz – carries all the necessary add-ons smartphone owners may need. However, behind the store is a story of resilience.

At a very young age, Lalchand was diagnosed with thalassemia and his family’s focus shifted towards his treatment. They visited the doctors frequently and bought the expensive medication that was prescribed. Soon, the high costs of the treatment started to take a toll on Lalchand’s father’s pocket.

“It was clear to see it was not easy for him to deal with the additional costs that he was suddenly responsible for,” Lalchand says about his father, explaining his desire to help out his family financially and contribute to the household.

This is when Lalchand set up his shop and started selling his products on Daraz.

“In the beginning, it was tough because people didn’t think I could do it. After that, it became about proving them wrong,” he says, adding that he decided he would not let others decide what he was capable of achieving and take a step for himself.

Soon after, he set up his store, he was making enough money to buy medicine and shoulder the costs of his treatment. The business became a matter of pride for Lalchand.

Lalchand’s story is an inspiring one. It speaks about courage and resilience during trying times. It is also a story about empowerment through entrepreneurship and how ecommerce platforms such as Daraz are helping.

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