India Will Intentionally Lose to Hurt Pakistan’s Chances of Semifinal Qualification: Basit Ali

Former Pakistan Test cricketer Basit Ali has claimed that India will deliberately lose their matches against Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to ensure that Pakistan does not qualify for the semifinals of the ICC World Cup 2019.

India sits in a comfortable position where they can secure the semifinal position for themselves with a win against West Indies. Granted if India wins on Thursday, they are likely to rest players and play an inexperienced team to hurt Pakistan’s qualification chances.

India have played only five matches so far and they would never want Pakistan to qualify for the semi-final. India’s remaining matches are against Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and everyone saw the way they played against Afghanistan.

Speaking about his controversial statement, Basit Ali added:

People don’t say that they will lose intentionally but India will play in such a way that people won’t be able to make any remarks. When playing Australia, David Warner didn’t play at all.

Adding weight to his words, Basit Ali also claimed that Pakistan’s win against New Zealand in 1992 was not luck but a plan from the Kiwis to play a match in their home country.

Cricket is not a game of chance. In 1992, New Zealand purposely lost to Pakistan (in the league stage) and Imran Khan would agree with that. The Kiwis lost so they could play the semi-final in their own country.

Pakistan’s chances of qualification hinder on England and India’s performances. If India can secure a win against England then Pakistan’s chances to qualify for semifinals are increased by a significant margin.

It remains to be seen how India approach their upcoming matches because there’s going to be a lot of controversy surrounding it.

  • Why should they care about our team? Why our team is not in such a position that they don’t have to look at others’ performances? This is ridiculous, to say the least. They can’t be blamed for our own team’s shortcomings.

  • Indians Play their every match to win, they have developed this new mindset dude. They are not going to lose without fight just to knock out Pakistan.

  • Yes, India did play lazy deliberately, to win with a little margin against Afghanistan. The New Zealand team already did it in 1992 Worldcup just before the semi-finals.
    One can say that this time India may play the lazy again.
    But if they did, it will extremly unprofessional.

  • Agr India hamara itna barra bad-khwah hai to hamary log wahan jany keliye kiyun tarrapty hain? hamary sary barry aadmi wahan kam kar ky fakhar mehsus karty hain……………hamari team khud-gharzi khatam kar ly to unhain dusro’n py depend ni karna parrega.

  • Kohli would not let this happen. He will carry India to make our chances of qualifications better. :D

  • How Pakistanis are afraid of India… We are really big losers… we live on others shoulders…

  • Ridiculous comments by Basit Ali, its not rational to blame India for what happen wrong due to our mistakes. Did india make us to lose matches against West Indies & Australia.

    I think as a nation we need to raise finger on us rather then on others. we need to change our mindset and attitude.

  • Whatever they do! It has nothing to do with Pakistan team. Pakistan should have performed against WI & IND.

  • What a pathetic analsis by this pig headed man . india will nerver want pakistan to out of this tournment instead they want us in semi so they can win again . thats the level of indian confidence right , jo analysis ye de raha ha, wo Pakistan krta agar us ki jaga huta coz we fear to loose from them . wo bilkul bi ni darte hum se, ittttoooo sa b ni, faltu mai bakwas baat kar k choti mentality dikhai in jaanab ne. dnt know kon is ki gatya analysis sunta hai

  • Indian team shows great professionalism. They do not care about Pakistam chances. They just want to win all the matches in this tournament. They will try their best to win their remaining matches.

  • If India Won their all matches and england lost 1, Pakistani will qualify at 4th place and india will be on Top, So it will be Pakistan VS India In Semi Final (Perfect scenario for them to reach Final. So i doubt if they are going to loose deliberately against any site.

  • Either it’s pathetic or is ridiculous,but but this is the IT age and we have noticed that the Indians killed their own soldiers for their gains in the general electios.One can expect anything of India.Had it not been for the befitting response on the 27th of February,the whole of the region would turn into stone age time.As the Civlian as well as the Military leadership had so many things in their minds.

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