NADRA Disables Biometric Verification of Bank Customers Via Apps

In a sudden move, NADRA has disabled the biometric verification facility for bank customers via apps. The authority has asked for a regulatory approval from the central bank, senior bankers have informed ProPakistani.

The move will slow down the biometric verification process of banks. The facility was useful in enabling overseas Pakistanis, patients, and senior citizens to verify their accounts through NADRA-based biometric process.

Various commercial banks introduced mobile apps for customers to verify their accounts; including Meezan Bank, Bank Alfalah, Silk Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank.

Sources in the banking industry have claimed that the database authority is asking for formal permission from the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to resume the facility of biometric verification of customers through these apps under new terms and conditions.

NADRA is of the view that it had signed an agreement with banks for the biometric verification of their customers at branches and ATMs and apps are not covered under the agreement.

“We received an email and call from NADRA asking to disable the mobile app facility for the customers as this does not fall in the agreement”, an official from a private bank said under the condition of anonymity.

On the contrary, the bankers were of the view that the central bank expressed its pleasure on the introduction of app facility which surprisingly led to a speedy process of biometric verification of bank accounts.

SBP should intervene in the matter and resume the facility on behalf of the commercial banks in order to speed up the biometric verification process of customers for their bank accounts.

Mobile apps of various banks work with a mobile phone with a high-resolution camera. Customers need to enter the CNIC and phone number to conclude the process.

  • App doesn’t work either at least Bank Alfalah app for bio-metric verification is BS!

  • GSM Franchise (telenor, Jazz, Ufone, Zong) K Sath Collaboration Kar Lete to Ab tak Subki Ho Jati :
    No Need to Install Apps

  • Just like incidents of bank account hackings, I fear biometric data has also been compromised through such cheap apps. NADRA woke up too late.

  • Imran Khan goverment is worst and I am a PTI voter living overseas. This system has caused massive use of Hundi system. In our office alone, 10 Pakistanis have used Hundi system because all of our accounts are now blocked. I sent money for my family, which is also blocked in my account. Bank is saying you have to come for biometric! Please take this matter seriously, government is out of mind people should protest.

    • Dear Wali, I am also a sufferer due to this action and have money in my blocked account. But please do not blame every thing on the government, this is an initiative taken by State bank of Pakistan alone and long before IK government took Oath.

  • Hi , Government should do something for the benefit or relief of people not to put them in trouble and creates problems for them which Pakistani Government is doing . I am in overseas and before leaving Pakistan I informed my Bank but they have blocked my account and when I contacted them they said come back for biometric verification. Because of these daily problems in Pakistan I have come to overseas

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