Ongoing Heat Spell Might Cause Serious Health Threats

Medical experts have warned that the current heatwave may pose serious threats, causing heat strokes and heat exhaustion if the public does not take precautions.

The ongoing heat wave is all but gone now, with several cities across Pakistan recording heavy rains over the weekend. However with higher humidity and temperatures still in the high thirties, it’s better to be cautious.

During this spell of heat, heart patients may be particularly vulnerable. Experts have advised people to stay hydrated and avoid exposure to high heat.


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The heat is already taking a toll on people in the city as hospitals in Rawalpindi and Islamabad are receiving a hundred patients on overage daily with heat-related disorders.

So far, the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) has already received over 300 patients with heat exhaustion, heat cramps or heat syncope.  However, no patient with sunstroke (heatstroke) was admitted there.

Head of Department of Infectious Diseases at HFH Dr. Muhammad Mujeeb Khan said that the media should play an active role to create awareness among masses on how to avoid health threats.


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He stated that avoiding heat-related diseases needed simple measures like sufficient water intake and non-exposure to sun.

“Heatstroke can happen only after a brief exposure to high temperature; however, heat exhaustion results from days of exposure to high heat and may as well cause heat stroke.”

Dr. Mujeeb highlighted that people should take notice of how they feel every day after sun exposure and should take immediate action in case of any unusual exhaustion or fatigue.