Man Wears 15 Shirts to Avoid Excess Baggage Charges at Airport

Excess baggage on airports can prove to be a headache, making you pay an unwanted fee to get all of your stuff to your destination.

John Irvine, a Scottish national, had a bizarre solution to this issue. He was told that his suitcase was overweight while traveling from France to Scotland. End-of-trip shopping meant that his baggage exceeded the permissible weight limit by 8 kg.

Spending even a penny more on something like baggage after an expensive trip is a challenge. So, he and his son Josh didn’t want to pay the extra fee. Instead of paying the charges, the man opened up his suitcase and started putting on his shirts.


Here’s how it all went down:

The amused staff looked at John as he kept on putting shirt after shirt despite the hot weather in France. After 15 extra layers, the family finally had lessened the weight enough to get cleared.

The bulky look, however, made the security staff suspicious that he was hiding something, which meant that he had to take all of the extra shirts off later on.

As he kept taking them off, the security grew even more suspicious, however, he eventually got cleared to board the plane with a pile of shirts on his arms.

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