Google Instant Camera Translation Adds 60 New Languages Including Urdu

Google Translate, popular around the world for its accurate and fast text translation, is getting a major update with support for new languages as well as a massive upgrade to its camera translation feature.

The new version of Google Translate will have support for 60 new languages including Urdu, Hindi, Malay, Arabic, and Vietnamese. Also, the translated text will be less jumpy unlike the current version and the translation errors will be reduced by 85 percent.

Where the camera feature of Google Translate app is great for translating card, menus, ingredients, etc. it has been stamped with low-quality translations, limited language options, and a jumpy interface. Google claims to have solved all these problems in the upcoming version.

Google has used AI translation method a.k.a. Neural machine translation (NMT), that has been incorporated into the camera feature of Google translate. This key feature in the update also supports instant camera translation now.

The updated version of the application will automatically detect the language it is looking at thanks to the NMT. This will be specifically useful for people who travel a lot. Moreover, Google has also made changes to the interface for a refined Instant, scan and import feature experience.

The update is slowly being rolled out and is available to only 1 percent users around the world but will be available globally in the coming weeks.

If you want to see the list of 88 languages now supported by Google translate refer to this link.