You Can Now Check Private School Fees and Registration Status Online in Sindh

Sindh Education and Literacy Department has launched an online portal to digitize the registration process and fee structures of all private schools in the province.

The portal called “Directorate of Inspection & Registration of Private Institutions, Sindh” has the record of all private schools’ fee structures and their admission procedure.

The initiative will make it easier for the parents to see if the schools are overcharging them. They can also verify if the schools their children go to are registered with the education department.


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Moreover, the web portal will also help the school owners get their schools (re)registered with the government. The site contains all relevant information, (ready to download) registration forms, fee structure and details of the entire process.

The portal can be accessed at: from Saturday (today). Sindh Education Minister Sardar Shah will officially inaugurate it on Monday, July 15 at the Sindh Boys Auditorium.

Facilitating Parents

Talking to a local newspaper, Registrar Inspection Directorate, Rafia Javed said that the online portal will help maintain transparency in the education system.


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“Moreover, it will facilitate parents bigtime,” she said, adding that the portal would have the record of schools’ registration certificates, renewal of registration certificates and their foundation year.

She mentioned that they will upload profiles of all private schools on the website in the next six months.

Furthermore, the fee structures of the schools with a monthly and yearly breakdown will also be available on the portal.

The fee structure available online will include all the charges, i.e., sports or library fees schools are licensed to charge.


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Registration Process Made Easy

The web portal will have all forms available for registration or reregistration so the school administration won’t have to visit the regional branches of the department (though their details are also available on the portal).

Instead, they can fill the forms online for registration or update their information for renewal of the license.

Record Maintenance

Rafia said Sindh is the first province to have digitized its education system. She credited the School Education Secretary Qazi Shahid in making this possible.

The registrar said that they will allow the Inspection Directorate to maintain the record of the private institutions as it did not have the exact numbers before.

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  • There is nothing for parents on entire website , this is premature launching of sindh education department.

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