Allah Was With Us in the World Cup Win: Eoin Morgan

Words fail to describe what the cricket fans witnessed last night when England took on New Zealand in Cricket World Cup final at Lord’s.

It was a gripping spectacle. A battle for glory and one of the greatest limited-overs match in the history of the game.

The irony of it all was that New Zealand-born Ben Stokes won it for England against his country of birth.

After more than 9 hours and 102 overs of a see-saw clash, it came down to the number of boundaries scored during the normal play, deciding England as the champions of the world.

I spoke to Adil [Rashid]. He said Allah was definitely with us.

The winning captain, Eoin Morgan, during a post-match press conference said that “Allah was with them” when asked whether it was the luck of the Irish that got them over the line.

The Irishman lauded the diverse culture in the England team.

It’s the rub of the green. It’s also reflective of our team; we’re a diverse side and we brought that together today.

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  • It is very good to see that diversity is being acknowledged and appreciated openly.

  • Allah Almighty is always with All Muslims(who r truer ,well positive thinker and beneficial to otherzzzz)

  • Allah always help those peoples they work hard and keep struggle with honesty.

  • Congratulations to England for finally making their way to he trophy. Allah SWT help those who help themselves. There us always something special with the winners, something they are better with, something that stand them out and England your number of boundaries this day put you forward. Congratulation

  • Eoin Morgen has insulted the Queen head of the Anglican Church by this remark about Allah. Almighty God would have been more appropriate, Morgan being a Catholic and England being the centre of the Anglican faith shows the degree of faith the Englishman have for their own religion.

    • Breaking news: Eoin Morgan isn’t an Englishman. He’s Irish (The Ireland which isn’t a part of the UK)

  • England are liars and cheat. They only won it through cheating. Not a single match of England faced rain and abandon due to it. ICC, BCCI, E&WCB, umpires all were on England’s side even then they won it miserably with 0 runs and 0 wickets in hand. So for any stable person the 2019 world cup winners are NZ period. Doesn’t matter wat the media says or the people or mainstream media, or the history books.

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