I Have Decided to Reform Pakistan Cricket: Imran Khan

Looking at the number of people that came from all parts of the US to Capital One Arena, Imran Khan’s Jalsa in Washington DC last night was a massively successful event.

While there were a number of talking points, the sports lovers in the country had been waiting for him to share his vision about sports, particularly cricket.

Addressing the audience, Imran Khan said that ‘after the World Cup, I have decided to reform Pakistan cricket’. Finally, something from the 1992 World Cup-winning captain to cheer about for the cricket lovers in the country.

There has been plenty of debate regarding Khan’s lack of intent to reform cricket in Pakistan from the ground up, however, the remarks come as welcome news for the fans.

Khan said:

We have had enough disappointments. Mark my words, we will field a thoroughly professional – the best – team in the next Cricket World Cup.

The 66-year-old further said that he plans to reform the system so that the talent can graduate from domestic cricket. “We will do the same for other sports”, he reiterated.

Talking about talent in Pakistan, he said:

I have played cricket all around the world and I have seen the most cricketing talent in Pakistan. But because there is no system of merit, we can’t bring that talent up. This is why we are not dominating the world because there is no meritocracy.

It remains to be seen how seriously he takes the matter of reforms in sports. The nation has great expectations from him when it comes to sports because he himself is a former sportsperson.

  • How about controlling inflation? Or is it too difficult for you to understand the pains of common Pakistanis?

    • Yes u r right. Imran is the first person in the history of Pakistan who put 13pc GST on eating Icecream. Even “10percent” and “nawaz bakery chor” wasn’t able to pull that off.

  • To all these big mouths commenting on PM’s one section of the address. Did you hear just this during his 45mins adress; please mention one thing you have done for this country. Just one and then you can go on saying whoever whatever.
    Your minds are so closed that not even a single ray of hope can enter. Just mention one thing you did for us as a Pakistani

  • 9 months mein jo banda chief selector nai change kar paya woh kia cricket ko theek karega. From Sep 2018 to 23 May 2019 (final date for world cup team anouncement)

    abhi agar senior and exp players hote departmental cricket ke toh result diff hota. Karachi ke biys choro woh Abbas jis ke performance achi hai Lords and England mein us ko nai liya yar, us ke 300+ wickets hain first class cricket mein.

  • think about Pakistan agriculture sector .. diesel and fertilizer hike is almost killing agriculture sector that will directly effect farming as well and price hike of daily life necessities

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