Pakistani Driving Licenses to Become Valid in UAE

Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services, Murad Saeed, has said that a team will leave for Dubai in a week to sign an MoU for acceptance of Pakistan-issued driving licenses in the Gulf states.

He said this during the launch ceremony of an e-billing system for the National Highway Authority (NHA), adding that an authority will be set up for this purpose with offices spread all across the country.

The minister said that UAE has inked a similar MoU with another country which is the reason why Pakistan plans to do the same considering it will significantly increase job opportunities for Pakistani expats.

Obtaining a driving license in the UAE is a gigantic task, but once the agreement is signed our drivers holding the local driving license will have more job opportunities in the Gulf states as they will have no need to get another license there.

Talking about the steps being taken to ensure transparency and accountability in NHA, the e-billing system will be used for the first time to clear payments worth billions with the contractors in a transparent and incorruptible manner.

He also added that all the relevant details of NHA employees including service history, assets, transfers, and postings will be made public via its website.

This will ultimately help in checking corruption besides saving time by 50 per cent. Launching of e-billing is a step forward taken by the ministry of communications towards controlling corruption.

According to the federal minister, the system has been developed using NHA’s own resources and expertise.

Head of Sports and LENS at

  • Standard of driving is pakistan is although not on par with the standards in UAE, and Pakistani drivers are ignorant of the driving rules as 99% population has taken the driving license without even taking any form of training on the rules of the road.

  • this will be a disaster as fines for traffic violation in UAE are too much.
    in Pakistan, driver does not qualify thru a systematic procedure and does not care for laws. The process for obtaining UAE Driving license atleast give basic know how to all drivers about traffic laws and penalties.

  • I am fully agreed with wat Mr Faisal has said…We should enhance the training standards of pakistani drivers accordingly International Driving standards and acknowledgement…

  • NH&MP licenses are based on international standards. The rest depends on drivers own competence , skills and learning.

    • Sir it’s the qualification criteria in UAE we are talking about, which is much higher than that in our country. In order for one to compare, he / she should have taken both tests.

      • So you have taken MP driving tests? Please dont spread false information. Yes many Pakistan’s driving schools and licencing procedures are not at par with international standards but motor way police is one of the few Pakistan government institute that is well known for its performance and efficiency internationally.

        • Yes sir, and I assume when you ask me you should have taken the driving test in the UAE too?

          Where in my comments you find some false information BTW?

          When you mention “many driving schools not at par with..” Can you also mention names of a few in country driving schools that are par with?

  • I hope and will not happen as in this way UAE revenue will decrease to 0 and Pakistani Drivers Will cause to increase accident ratio as driving style in UAE is far more complicated

  • If UAE Gov’t agreed for this then my question is what about GCC countries licenses, will it be valid for Pakistan too.?

  • Pakistan driver are reckless,
    Standard are not there, UAE standard are very good. It’s need more things to be improved.
    Sorry to say that.
    Maybe it will be acceptable on some guidelines.

  • Well, UAE is already accepting Pakistan’s DL and reducing training classes from 40 to 20. Even they are giving a golden chance where you can give a road test try without training sessions but only if you have a valid Pakistani DL.
    According to me iF anyone wants yo drive in UAE He/She should attend training classes whether they have Pakistani DL or not because UAE is presenting most technical and professional Road monitoring systems and you can’t drive then without any professional training.
    On the other hand in Pakistan most of the people are getting DL without even giving a road test.
    I recommend murad saeed to open a big professional Driving training center under Government jurisdiction which will ensure the best Driving skill and awareness for the people going abroad.
    I’m also UAE DL Holder.

  • Oh God, what a step taken by the incumbent government. Great to see such leaders who work for the prosperity of the masses. However, I fear the Pakistani people may not come up with the standard of UAE. Here the drivers don’t know the Abc of driving due to the lack of proper training and knowledge of driving. They may create problem for the native UAE. Now the people should go through proper education of driving and then apply for driving liscences and earn bread and butter. Thanks

  • Sab darama ha awam ko driving license or roti or nann ka loly pop daka patrol ki kimat bara rahehan?️is hokomat par

  • UAE government pagal Hogaya ha Pakistani driving license ko valid kake Apne pate par laat marega UAE driving license lane kaliya 5 se 6 hazar dirham UAE government ko milta ha

  • Good desicion by khan govt or jo loh bukwas ker rahe hn k nahi esa nahi hona chaiye wo log sirf jal ser k khak hona jante hn or jo keh rahe hn Pak k driver otne skilled nai jitne UAE ka standard h tu on akal k donkeys k liye ek ans h or wo ye k dunia mai kahin b kisi b mahaz pe agar koi driver koi job se related driver h tu wo asia ka hai or andaze k mutabik Paki sub se ziada hn kiu k gari khali hatho se nahi confidence se bhi chalti h or wo PIA K PILOTS MAI OR PAKI DRIVERS MAI DUNIA MAI SUBSE ZIYADA H……or jalne serne ka faida nahi h taxi drivers k esa hogya tu tum logo ki dihari kam ho jaey gi ….her koi apne naseeb ka khata h kisi se cheen k nahi………..

    • Agreed pora awain e prut prut lagae hue inhn nay khud ko chahy alif bay ka na pta ho pakistani license ko kosna nae bhooltay

  • Pakistani Police is big rishwat khor /corrupt. Specially thé trafic police. Théy issue licence to blind but not to professional drivers .

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