Punjab Police to Increase Traffic Violation Fines

In a bid to deter traffic violations in the province, Punjab Government is seeking to increase the fines for car drivers.

According to the information available, the provincial cabinet sub-committee for law has developed the Traffic Management Reforms Provincial Motor and Vehicles Amendment Bill 2019.

Under the amendment, the offenders will be fined heavily along with an electronic challan. A driver’s license could be suspended over traffic violations in a six month to two year period over repeated traffic law violations. The provincial cabinet is expected to meet soon, where the Amendment Bill 2019 will be given the green light.

Motorcyclists will see their fines go up to Rs. 300 from the current Rs. 200 under the changes and underage drivers caught riding a bike will be fined Rs. 500. Similarly, in the case of the cars, the bill seeks to increase the amount to Rs. 750 from Rs. 500.

  • Under 18 should never b e allowed at any Cost
    Simply under dawo jerra len aawy ohnu hafta under rakho

    sidhy ho jaan gay saary

  • Heavy fines will definitely work. I have seen very few car drivers who actually make problem on roads.80% Rickshaws and motor bikes and then commercial vehicles. Just stop Bugging car drivers only.

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