US Team of Experts to Provide Technical Support to Pakistan for the FATF Report

Pakistani authorities are ready to submit its compliance report to the joint group of Financial Action Task Force (FATF) on progress in the 27-point action plan.

According to the media reports, a high-level meeting was held last week with the participation of both, civilian and military leadership, where the participants reviewed the progress report on the 27-point action plan which has an August 13, 2019 deadline. All the relevant departments were instructed to submit their reports to the Financial Monitoring Unit (FMU) by August 11.

Before the submission of the report, a US expert team will reach Islamabad on a four-day visit to provide technical support for complying with the FATF conditions. This visit has been arranged in the wake of Prime Minster Imran Khan’s meeting with US President Donald Trump in which he made a special request to Washington.

The US team, according to the media reports, will be holding meetings with senior dignitaries and heads of different departments, which were responsible for complying with FATF conditions.

It is believed that United State’s help is critical to getting the desired results at two fronts, including FATF and smooth sailing on reviews under the IMF program. Moreover, Pakistan has made considerable progress during the last six months as required by the FATF and Asia Pacific Group on money laundering.

Pakistan is taking all the required steps to come out from greylist. The US assistance provided on technical as well as on political front will also help Islamabad to come out from the risk of falling into the FATF blacklist.

Pakistan has so far successfully foiled Indian attempts to slip Islamabad into the blacklist under the FATF mechanism as New Delhi in the last meeting tabled a resolution before they failed to muster up required consensus from other states.

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