New Robots at Hajj Connect Pilgrims With Doctors

The Saudi government has improved its facilities for Hajj pilgrims quite significantly compared with last year.

After introducing the smart card facility (which has all medical data of the pilgrims to assist them) and the offer of free SIM card and internet facility to connect with their families, the Saudi authorities have now introduced medical robots.


Saudi Govt Announces Free SIM and Internet for Hajj Pilgrims

Over the years, many pilgrims have lost their lives due to the heat and suffocation during Hajj, especially in Mina Muzdaliffa and Arafat.

These digital robots will help connect pilgrims in Makkah with specialized doctors in Riyadh and Jeddah.


Govt Launches 5 Apps for Hajj Pilgrims

The robots are connected with 4G and are connected with the best oncologists and cardiologists sitting in Jeddah and Riyadh’s special monitoring rooms.

In an emergency situation, they will reach out to the relevant consultants for remote assistance to patients on-site.

Via: APP