Ramiz Raja Against Misbah’s Appointment as Head Coach

Former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja has spoken against the appointment of Misbah-ul-Haq as the head coach of the national cricket team.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Ramiz said Misbah’s approach is problematic and Pakistan cricket does not need a defensive figure as the coach.

Misbah has a defensive approach towards cricket and waits for the opposition to make a mistake instead of being proactive.

He further added that Misbah waits for an opportunity rather than taking the game by the neck and making things happen.

He won many matches with this approach in UAE, however, Pakistan cricket needs individual who can make things happen rather than react to the opponents game plan.

Raja added that Pakistan should learn from Virat Kohli and how his nature has molded the Indian cricket team.

Virat Kohli has taken Indian team in Test cricket to new heights with his aggressive and fearless approach. Pakistan needs to follow suit as there is aggression in Men in Green’s DNA and they need individuals in the think-tank who can make plans that are according to the demands of modern-day cricket.

The cricketer turned commentator took a jibe at Misbah and said:

Pakistan team under Misbah was only successful in one type of condition and played safe cricket. If the Men in Green want to change their fortunes in Test cricket and increase their fan following, they need a fresh approach and that can only happen when people with aggressive mindset are in charge.

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  • Ramiz Raja is the person who defended India’s plan of big 3 in cricket and apposes the appointment of most successful captain as head coach. Why dont he permanently moves to India?

  • Disagree with Ramiz Raja,
    Misbah ul haq a legend of Pakistan and he know very well about his job right choice

  • He has spoken negative for the Pakistan cricket team. He is always spewing venom on Pakistani players board etc. I think this is his way of asking for a good position in PCB. Begger. Sack of hatred and negative thoughts.

  • Isn’t Misbah the same ex-captain who as Captain through away the 1-day Semi-Final against India in India by batting so, so slowly that an easily WON game was LOST. Talk about gambling away national pride for a life-time payment from the Cricket ‘Bookies’. Re-watch the game and make your own opinion. And now others in PCB who ‘collaborated’ with him want to make him Head Coach. How comical. The rewards for gambling never end. It’s another case of knowing TOO much insider information and PCB keeping its potential enemies even closer than its friends.

  • Very true and I am 100% agree with Rameez. Although Misbah remained the successful captain but unfortunately he destroyed many of our talented cricketers like Ahmad Shehzad and Umar Akmal due to his defensive approach. Cricket is no more a defensive game we need an aggressive mind support staff with our Cricket Team.

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