Xiaomi Launches a Smart Dishwasher & Mini Shaver

Xiaomi has quite a few eco chain companies under its wing that launch different types of smart products every now and then. Being under Xiaomi also means that these products are usually quite affordable with a number of features.

Two of those companies, Viomi and Smate, have launched a Smart Dishwasher and a Mini Smooth Shaver respectively.

Smart Dishwasher

Manufactured by Viomi, this dishwasher comes with impressive specifications. It features a Weike washing pump with 15000 Pa ultra-high pulse pressure flushing water flow for cleaning the dishes. The water is sprayed from all sides ensuring there are no dead zones.

To remove oily and greasy residue, the dishwasher’s temperature reaches as high as 70 degrees Celsius thanks to its Japanese PTC hot air-drying system. This system is also responsible for drying the dishes after the cleaning process.

This smart dishwasher can also be controlled via your smartphone which gives you access to several cleaning modes. It has a fast wash mode, standard mode, economical mode, and a few custom wash modes.

As far as the capacity is concerned, it has enough space for 8 cutlery sets. The dishwasher is currently on sale at $354.

Smate Mini Smooth Shaver

Another interesting product launched by one of Xiaomi’s subsidiaries is this Smate Mini shaving device. It follows a minimalistic design approach, in line with other Xiaomi smart products.

Design-wise, the shaver looks like a small soap bar and is constructed using anti-slip rubber. It has an R-shaped cutter on the top designed to isolate the hair from the skin to prevent injuries. In the center, it has an ultra-thin mesh for cleaning away tiny hair.

The device comes with IPX waterproofing as well, which means it can be exposed to water for small durations. The shaver is wireless and comes with a USB Type-C charging port. It can run for 60 minutes on a single charge.

It is currently available for sale in blue and pink colors for $14.

Via: Gizmochina (1), (2)