CBC Installs Sea Animal Shaped Trash Bins at Sea View

The Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) has installed sea animals-shaped garbage bins at Karachi’s Sea View to keep the seaside clean.

A CBC official, Amir Arab said that the move was aimed at creating awareness among the masses about the importance of a clean environment for sea animals.

“Installation of sea animals-shaped dustbins aims to foster awareness among the people that the garbage lying at the seaside would harm the marine animals,” he said.

Bins with shapes of tortoise, fish, and octopus, designed by the head of CBC’s horticulture department, Hasan Anwar at the CBC workshop, have been installed from McDonald’s to Sea View. 9 such bins have been installed whereas another five will be placed soon.

The official further said that these bins have been manufactured using ship paints and fishing nets and the cost for each container varies from Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000.

“The cost of these dustbins varies depending upon their sizes. The fish, turtle, and octopus designs were selected by the CBC administration having the sizes 2×5 feet, 4×8 feet, and 10×15 feet.”

In the next phase, the CBC administration will install lights to make these trash bins more visible at night.

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    This is a good idea of fixing sea animal shaped dust bin to create awareness amongst the public throwing garbage in the sea .

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