Oneplus’s First Smart TV Will Come With a 4K QLED Next Month

OnePlus, widely known for manufacturing premium flagship Smartphones at affordable prices, is all set to launch its first-ever Smart TV next month.

In an exclusive interview with Business Insider, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau revealed a few details about their upcoming OnePlus TV.

Lau revealed that OnePlus TV is arriving next month, and the company’s primary focus while developing the TV was video and sound quality. He said that video and sound quality are the most basic things on a TV, but also the most important.

4K QLED Panel

He also revealed that the TV is equipped with a 4k QLED display panel. The reason for not using an OLED panel, he said, was that OLED panels are expensive and “the price difference does not match the quality difference”. Indeed, OLED panels do typically deliver stunning image quality, especially drastically improved contrast, but the price is not always justifiable.

Lau says he is confident that OnePlus TV is going to have the best image quality.

Easier Navigation

The OnePlus TV will be running a customized version of Android. He said that it is customized to show users the content that they prefer. The idea was to eliminate the need for going through a plethora of TV apps to find what shows or movies you want to watch.

Additionally, the connectivity between smartphones and the TV was a priority, with the goal of making navigation quicker and easier.

No Word on Screen Sizes Yet

OnePlus chose not to comment on screen sizes and pricing at this time. However, Lau did say that since it is going to be a premium product, a premium price range should be expected.

OnePlus TV will launch in September and it will arrive in India first. It will likely be unveiled alongside the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro on September 26.

Source: Business Insider 

  • One Plus CEO Pete Lau for specs., with September 2019 the formal launch. Huawei is also due with Hong Meng OS to be launched during this period, best wishes and welcome to the Multi Media Applications.

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