WAPDA Chairman Terms Unscheduled Floodwater Release by India as 5th-Gen War

Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has accused India of waging ‘fifth-generation warfare’ by releasing hundreds of thousands of cusecs of water that could cause flooding in the country.

On Monday, there was a flood alert in Pakistan when India reportedly discharged floodwater between the range of 125,000 and 175,000 cusecs into the River Sutlej from a dam in Ladakh.

WAPDA Chairman Muzammil Hussain termed the unexpected release as an attempt of water-terrorism from the neighboring country.

New Delhi is at war with Pakistan. They are trying to isolate us diplomatically, strangle economically, and to strangulate our water resources.

He added that the move will automatically have an impact on our economy, agriculture, and irrigation. Hussain maintained that New Delhi was using its upstream position to wage “fifth-generation warfare” on Pakistan.

The uninformed release of water has developed a flood-like situation in parts of Punjab where emergency authorities are preparing to handle any untoward situation.

New Delhi, on the other hand, has dismissed the claims by saying that it was a routine exercise during the monsoon season.

It was goodwill on our part that we used to share that information … those days are gone.

    • WAPDA is a department. It works under proper planning. It undertakes feasibilities and proposes viable projects to govt. Govt then decides which project to undertake and allocates necessary funds. WAPDA is not above the government. As long as government went by WAPDA’s planning, Pakistan kept thriving. In think, the worst things that happened to Pakistan was dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971 and second worst thing was dismemberment of WAPDA in 2007. Please take interest, study and develop clear perspective.

    • Ambiguous statement like that suggest that the ‘first person’ is a dark and dubious character.

  • At least you should have made the dams for water storage… Then there would be no flood and no worry for the public as well as for the government

    • Maria, your concern is well founded and undeniable. We have been very late in decision making. It al relates to political elite. Almost all the departments of Pakistan, including beauracracy were doing great. The growth was not only sustainable but on the rise too. Opportunist leadership took to steer our destiny and instead corruption started taking root from 1988 onwards. Then the world witnessed us going down. In 1994 the other gang in govt. instead of hydropower and reservoir development started facilitating development of a nursery of Independent Power Producers (IPPs) to develope thermal power stations with diabolical intent. These IPPs have given the scourge of CIRCULAR DEBT to Pakistan. Had we kept developing Hydropower and alongside developed solar power we would have been a rich country now. So curse the corrupt political leadership. Developing reservoirs is the need for survival now.

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