FBR Reports A Historic 69% Increase in Income Tax Filers in A Single Year

The number of income tax return filers has increased significantly in one year. According to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), the number of income tax return filers has increased by 69 percent (over 1.36 million) in a year, an all-time high.

Chief In-Land Revenue (Operations) of FBR, Bakhtiar Muhammad, said that facts and figures show the income tax filers have crossed 2.5 million as of August 21 this year. Last year, the number of income tax return filers was recorded at over 1.5 million.


For the First Time in FBR’s History, Tax Return Filers Cross 2.1 Million Mark

He further told that a 69 percent increase in the income tax return filer number is an all-time high. Prime Minister Imran Khan and the PM Adviser on Finance and Revenue, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, have lauded the efforts of FBR Chairman, member In-Land Revenue (Operations), and their team.

  • Most of filers must be salaried people who already get their tax deducted at source, who don’t have any issues filing returns.
    Businessmen won’t take the bait.

  • Even though most of them are salaried person, but there is admitted remarkable change in filer history, And that is good sign.

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