Zong Achieves 1Gbps Speed on its 5G Network in Pakistan [Speedtest Video]

Zong today showcased its 5G network to the world at an event that was attended by Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui, Secretary Information Technology and Telecommunication division, Maj. Gen. (Retd.) Amir Azeem Bajwa, Chairman PTA and Dr. Wang Zhihua, Economic & Commercial Counselor, Chinese Embassy, along with dignitaries from various government entities, telecom industry and the corporate sector.

Zong was allowed to conduct 5G tests after a green signal from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, in an arrangement where company can test its 5G network readiness within limited geographical limits.

If you are wondering, commercial trials aren’t allowed for now and hence usual customers won’t be able to see or test Zong’s 5G network. Not to mention, you have to have a 5G enabled handset in order to test and experience 5G network, and such Smartphones are very rare as of yet.

Not to mention, commercial trials or wider-scale rollouts for 5G networks are to take a longer period of time. While we can’t be sure but you can expect this to happen after an year or two at least.

As a matter of fact, and as per insiders, there are less than 1,000 5G enabled handsets on Pakistani networks for now, meaning that there’s no business case for a wide-spread 5G network rollout. But then again, this is going to change and market will get prepared in about couple of years or so.

Also to note, PTA has to prepare the regulatory framework and ultimately the spectrum for operators for their 5G networks.

Getting back to today’s event and Zong’s 5G test, ProPakistani was given exclusive access to test the speeds. We were able to witness the whooping 1Gbps speed, and even beyond. In fact at one time the speedtests hit 1.4 Gbps on the screens.

Zong also displayed various applications and use cases for its 5G network. Which were obviously working in lab environment for now.

Watch the 5G speedtest that we did ourselves at Zong’s Islamabad Headquarters:

Below are some pictures from the event:

Dignitaries at the trials of Zong 5G network
Screengrab of a Smartphone with active Zong’s 5G connection
Throughput of Zong’s 5G network

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  • 1 Gb download mean 128 Mb per second in real time… so a 2GB movie will be downloaded in 16 seconds… That’s insane speed

  • With the sort of bad experience with 4G [Broken coverage, fluctuating speeds, down times], I am not that excited for 5G at all. Hope I am wrong

    • It’s an access technology not fiber. The range you are quoting generally appears on FTTH network rather on access network.

    • The latency between cell phone & the Zong network would certainly be between 1 – 5 ms. But high ping here indicates latency between Zong servers & speedtest app server.

      • yes and the fact 5g trial’s are in early stages and technology has major drawbacks and will be too expensive to deploy at the moment.

  • I compliment the editorial board, Mr. Amir Ata alongwith the PTA, China Mobile, the Chinese Mission Office in Pakistan for their efforts to make the dream of 5G in the region and rest of the world.

  • I compliment the editorial board, Mr. Amir Ata alongwith the PTA, China Mobile, the Chinese Mission Office in Pakistan for their efforts to make the dream of 5G in the region and rest of the world.

    • because 5g as-is is a product in testing and requires direct insight and only couple of feet away from the node to get max speeds.
      if they got this with in a building and no node in sight than its probably one of the best one’s in the world.

  • Amazing. But we all as a Pakistani will only measure 5G Speed as in how much time will the Movie be downloaded?

    • We need a yard stick after all. We cant really test 5G much just by accessing our mailbox. Can we ? What difference would saving on just billionth of a second make? :)
      5G is a solution looking for a problem.

  • Mere khayal mein 5G launch ho jana chahye unlimited packages k sath jese PTCL aur stormfiber k packages hain aur ab tau 5G router bhi agaye hain market mein jin k pas 5G phone nahi woh bhi is se fyda utha sake ga wese bhi 5G phones bohat expensive hain iss tarah ye home broadband ka alternate ho sakta hai

    • PTCL Not Interested to Released 5G (4G Speed Apk Samne hai) Sub Against hai PTCL K : Aur Arrange Bhi Ho Gaya to Speed Wahi 1000 KB Se 5 MB tak
      Simple Ye PTCL K Elawa Tamam BoardBand Ko 5G Speed Dena Chahyeh Home User Ko :

    • first get you’re facts right and learn what technology is used for what..
      5g (fifth generation) data after 4g (lte) (early resting phase)
      5g router is 5GHz band router (very old thing if you’ve just found it updated yourself)
      they are two separate technologies…

  • yo Amir bhai? no mention of DIRECT LINE OF SIGHT stigma of 5G? also can’t penetrate walls & trees too? impractical for country like pakistan FOR NOW………

  • After the launch of 4G, i was excited to experience full speed but its only max. 10MBs in pakistan. so 1st of all we need to make better 4G than launching 5G.
    and an important thing in pakistan is that 5G supported mobile are very rare and expensive.

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