Government Blocks 31 Facebook Pages for Defaming Anti-Polio Campaign

Prime Minister’s Focal Person on Polio Eradication (PMFP), Babar bin Atta, has revealed that 31 Facebook accounts have been blocked for spreading propaganda against the government’s anti-polio drive.

Atta said that these pages were circulating fake news against the anti-polio campaign.

In May 2019, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) blocked 174 social media accounts for promoting content that undermined the anti-polio drive.


PTA Requests YouTube and Other Platforms to Prevent Sharing of Anti-Polio Videos

According to the media report, 130 Facebook accounts, 30 YouTube video blogs, and 14 Twitter accounts were blocked. The focal person of the anti-polio drive requested Facebook to block or control the distribution of the anti-vaccination propaganda from its platform.

Facebook said that it is ‘fully committed’ to the safety of its users in Pakistan and is taking measures to prevent misinformation about the anti-polio campaigns.

Via: Dunya