Pakistani Travel Agents Boycott Etihad Airways Over Kashmir Issue

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Pakistan Travel Agent Association has announced a boycott of UAE-based Etihad Airways due to the ongoing tensions over Kashmir.

The association’s chairman Khawaja Ayub Naseem said that the airline’s boycott is to protest against UAE giving ‘Killer Modi’ its highest civilian award.

He said that a formal announcement would be made in a press conference today, where he will explain the association’s plan for the future.

We will also brief the Dubai-bound visitors of UAE’s anti-Kashmir move and will try to change their mind.

It should be mentioned here that the UAE government is facing severe criticism for disregarding the sentiments of the Kashmiris. People are calling for a UAE tourism boycott for giving a civilian award to the Indian prime minister at a time when Kashmir is in shambles.

Via: Dunya News

  • Pakistani Expat of UAE , will some how buy Airline Ticket Online, I don’t think this Boycott will have usual impact on UAE Govt or it Airline.

  • Something is not right. This does not seem like decision in protest of Kashmir problem. Because if it was then they should also boycott other UAE based airlines.

  • its another trick from so called Govt. they already have hike up 6000PKR on PIA.

    By the way, it seems like We will get Kashmir now by this protest or if we boycott Emirates so we will get Siyachin & Kargil too and if we boycott All UAE airlines we will get Bangladesh too…

  • fahim ahmed above a ppp and plmn dog trying to stir some controversy as usual but u should remember dog can bark not talk.

  • This is funny, bcz i think if you took all the flights booked by pakistanis since etihad started until today and you compared that with other Nationalities who flew etihad this year only won’t reach 0.01% lol..

    So keep dreaming and look for attention only.

  • Eitihad Airways history of Air Berlin which helped Eitihad to international standards is self explanatory in IATA.

  • ? hahah…. Modi deserves it… Who’s Pakistan to block it?? Let Pakistan stop supporting terrorism activities first… Kashmir was integral part of it India and it will be….

    • Says an idiot from India who’s prime minister (butcher of Gujrat) is declared terrorist in Europe and USA and was banned from entering European countries and USA. He is enjoying immunity at the moment because he is a PM of a state. Once he gets removed from this position then he will be banned again. Don’t whine about terrorism all the time. This excuse will not work anymore because that is a freedom struggle in Kashmir not terrorism. This is what you hero Bhagat Singh did against British rule in 1928.

  • Pakistan will have to boycott the entire Islamic world, if it is brave enough. But it will always support China for usurping the rights of of its own Muslims! It is just hostility towards India that is driving Pakistan’ policy and no solidarity with The Muslims. Double standards, of course.

    • The Entire Islamic World did not give that Mufu the award for killing innocent Kashmiris. Regarding Bravery You have witnessed the Bravery of our Air Force and the Tea which Abhinandan drank. You should be thankful we let your Pilot go. Double Standards are the main driving goal of India. India can not tolerate Muslims, Sikhs, Christians or other minorities. India is a country just for extremist Hindus that do not waste a second to kill innocent people.

  • I think this is right decision! Anyways nice post. For best wedding services, visit

  • Greetings from Pakistan !
    Simple boycott does not matters at all. Be advised, our manpower in UAE has no choice at all. All of their bookings are made through employer agents.
    It will be wise to earned much needed foreign exchange.
    Many thanks.

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