Pakistani Pilgrims to Pay 2000 Riyal Tax on Their Second Umrah

The Saudi government has imposed a heavy tax on pilgrims who intend to perform Umrah for the second time.

The authorities have introduced a rule which obligates pilgrims to pay a tax of SAR 2000 for performing Umrah again. Under the new rule, an individual will only be able to avail the tax-free visa facility two years after their previous Umrah.

The policy has been introduced to facilitate pilgrims heading to Saudi Arabia for the first time, as a massive number of Hajjis intend to perform Umrah in Muharram this year. Due to this policy, thousands of intending pilgrims from Pakistan are awaiting their visa clearance for Umrah.

Pakistani travel agencies that have already accepted payments from travelers are facing problems due to non-clearance of visas.

The new tax policy was introduced during the last Hajj season. However, Pakistani pilgrims enjoyed a waiver last year on the request of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Via: Express

  • Within 3 Years SAR 1000 Kafi tha Repeat Umrah Pe : & First Umrah Main Actual Cost Par 20 to 30 % SAR Discount Dena Chahayeh tha :

  • Saudies will take this money from Pakistanis and invest in India and India will use this money against Pak and Kashmiris. Dont go for Umrah or Hajj. I dont think it is one of the mandatory obligations for Muslims in present circumstances.

  • This is a Three Year old rule for all countries including Pakistan. Dear Raza Rizvi and Pro Pakistani, please do proper research before publishing an article.

    • Please read full article, the rule was there but Pakistanis enjoyed a waiver on special request of Prime Minister IK. Now the waiver is lifted.

  • Bilal sb ne theek kaha hai k 3 saal ki pabandi hai
    Lekin sub 2 saal ki kahi jaty hain
    Q k me 1438 me gya tha or ab 1441 a gya hai lekin abi tk mere passport pe 2000 sar ki fees ka message a raha hai

    • Theak keh rahe hain app, same case with me, I check daily, Al Saud k galat Kam ha, Allah k Ghar hazri ka ticket laga k rakha hoa ha

  • There was no waiver, not even for a month, had to pay 2000 SAR, You should do your research before publishing an article

  • Ypu have to pay 300 sar now anytime you go for umrah…. Thats new rule for pakistan now… Just got comformation…. I pray that all who wants to go should go n allah b with them… Ameen

  • Yeah kabi b remove nai howa not for a day copy paste kay lea bhi tora search ker lea kero bhai warna log yahan ana chore dain gay

  • Latest news i saw was that it has been removed. Also it is posted on Imran Khan official FB page. Please confirm because it has been revoked now

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