Pakistan is Acquiring 36 Dassault Mirage-V Combat Aircraft Amid Tensions With India

Amid tensions with the neighbors, Pakistan Air Force is all set to sign a deal for Dassault Mirage-V combat aircraft with Egypt. The addition of these jets will strengthen the squadrons considering the fact that PAF will refurbish these jets at the Mirage Rebuild Factory.

Pakistan has been acquiring retired Mirage III and Mirage V from Egypt and Australia and presses the aircraft into service after upgrading them with modern Italian radars and other electronics.

These 36 jets which have retired from Egyptian Air Force are capable of night strikes with mission pods and helmet-mounted display.

According to Sputnik, the deal is almost finalized and Pakistani pilots will soon get their hands on the Mirages which resemble India’s Mirage 2000 in terms of ‘delta wing’ design.

Mirage V differs from Mirage III in terms of the fuel space as it has a greater space for fuel and is a dedicated ground-attack variant.

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  • I think Mirage 5 is too old now. Only they can be used as spares for the existing fleet. Pressing them in service would give PAF no qualitative edge over India except numbers overwhelming the defensive equipment of the rival.

    • I agree. This move is very controversial. Those countries have retired these planes for a reason, and we’re… buying their used scraps? Can’t this money be better used elsewhere?

    • I guess you read it wrong…
      they wont buy and use as it is. they will be refurbished first and then be added to the fleet.

      • Exactly.
        Pakistan has a Mirage rebuild factory,whereas perhaps doesn’t have one ..
        pakstan will refurbish and upgrade these and will be a good asset for bombing as was demonstrated on 27 the Feb attack in Indian occupied Kashmir.
        Very good deal…best of luck.

  • “Pakistan has been acquiring retired Mirage III and Mirage V from Egypt and Australia” well why are we buying scrap? Retired jets only account for numbers.

    • No idea why we’re throwing away our foreign exchange for half a century old planes when we can better use this money elsewhere. Our PAF makes the argument that we’ll fit latest tech in these planes but even then these planes are nowhere near cutting edge for today’s standards.

      • try to search this news….
        china upgraded old 3rd gen airplanes to 4.5 gen capabilities and came to the last airshow.
        this makes Americans and etc baffled because even usa only started to add 5th gen aircraft to its fleet this year and it takes time to build a new aircraft.
        what china did was upgraded there existing huge fleet to coup with 5th gen while working on actual 5th gen.

  • We are buying these jets because we have the facility where these jets can be refurbished and can be as dangerous as mirage 2000, and this is very economical as compared to directly buying mirage 2000 aircrafts.

  • Well it’s a decision cos PAF has its rebuilt factory and no doubt PAF can do it very well, Mirage ihas capablity for night attack.

  • These mirages will be used as bombers. Like on 27 Feb one mirage bomber were escorted by two JF thunders. Pakistan need these mirages as they are excellent bombers. PAF is very well equipped with F16 and JF17 fighters. Now PAF need some aggressive bombers like mirage 5. After the upgradation these will be equal to mirage 2000 version

  • This show that cheap fighter planes are still a prized purchase for cash-strapped air force. New fighting jets are becoming way expensive than this. these air crafts will perform better by going through upgrading and equipping them the latest tech.

  • To my knowledge and understand of how things work, I believe it’s a good move, these are attack aircraft and will be very useful in ground support role especially in a conventional engagement, along with being capable of night attack it’s a good support aircraft for navy as well, and keep in mind that Pakistan already has 100+ of these already so the infrastructure is there also if the rumours of India getting 10 Apache attack helicopters are true then these aircraft are a good way of balancing the equation, ideally we should have replaced these by now but we didn’t so I think this is a good decision for the time being.

  • Though I am of a fan of these retired jets, this may work after the upgrades. The best thing is it is capable of nuclear weapons delivery. ????

  • Given Russia sell the sukhoi attack/bomber su27 onwards.
    Do you not think it would make sense to buy up these older multi role craft?

    Ok the mirage may be a capable bomber, but that is all it can do well.
    Out it up against any fighters and it is a sitting duck.
    Where as the SU variant is a equally capable bonber, if not superior given the upgrades available, but can also defend itself, freeing up escort fighters required.
    Cutting mission costs and man power requirements for missions.

    If they heavily invest in the SU then squadrons of these Vs mirage could perform not the nky bombing, but defensive roles, freeing up the resources needed to keep escorts in the air for the mirages.

    Essentially it is a force multiplier for the same amount if pilots available. But also much more versatile.

    Add in some s300 and s400 (even negotiate with Iran for bavar batteries equal to s300, possibly s400) batteries, there will be far less required defensive planes should war ever come.
    Again freeing up resources to allow for greater attacking capabilities and capacity.

  • To all those scholars who serve military for their lifetime, please…..

    Google “Project Azm” You will get your answers.

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