Govt Launches WhatsApp Helpline for Polio Related Queries

Govt Launches WhatsApp Helpline for Polio Related Queries

Pakistan is among the countries where the polio virus is still prevalent. Lack of awareness and the negligence of the authorities often leads to a number of polio cases in the country.

The government of Pakistan has announced a polio helpline where people can ask their queries regarding the virus via WhatsApp.

Prime Minister’s focal person on polio eradication, Babar bin Atta informed the media about the launch of the first-ever WhatsApp helpline for polio.

You can now ask questions, submit feedback and lodge complaints about polio vaccination on +92-346-7776546. The number’s last five digits ‘76546’ are symbolic of the word Polio.

In addition, you can also report cases where children are missing their polio vaccination. The number is available 24/7 and Babar bin Atta promises to address ‘all queries, concerns, and complaints’.

You can also get in touch with different social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, of the polio eradication team to get your concerns resolved.


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