India and US Are More Dangerous for Foreigners Than Pakistan: Report

A recent survey has ranked India as the worst country for tourists and expatriates. The report was released by ‘InterNations,’ the world’s largest online platform for expats with 3.5 million members.

India was mentioned as the most dangerous South Asian country for foreign travelers and the fifth most dangerous country in the world for expats. The survey ranked a total of 64 countries from around the world.

For context, no other South Asian country (including Pakistan) was ranked among the top 10. The report is based on interviews and remarks of expats and tourists that visited the countries.

One of the Australian expats reviewed that she felt constantly insecure and hated “hardline politics… the social tensions and the very bad pollution” in India.

Another Canadian expat explained how she felt like an outsider even after working for years in the country.

People stare at me, take my photo, talk to me horribly, try to cheat me, etc. because they assume that I am a rich tourist. I also have faced severe sexual harassment from local men to the point that I now carry pepper spray everywhere.

The survey ranked Brazil as the most dangerous country for travelers. Other prominent countries in the top-2o list are South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, Italy, United States, and Egypt.

Here’s the complete list:

  1. Brazil
  2. South Africa
  3. Nigeria
  4. Argentina
  5. India
  6. Peru
  7. Kenya
  8. Ukraine
  9. Turkey
  10. COL
  11. Mexico
  12. UK
  13. Egypt
  14. Philippines
  15. Italy
  16. US
  17. Indonesia
  18. Greece
  19. Kuwait
  20. Thailand

  • They did NOT do any survey in pakistan, syria and afghanistan
    You should read first than write about it, you dumb idiot.

  • There is no Country like Pakistan in hospitality , Beauty and Religious Freedom Im proud to be a Pakistani?

  • are we seriously comparing ourselves with Turkey, UK, US, Italy, Greece.
    these countries has millions of tourists and immigrants.
    Pakistan is definitely on Top 10!!

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