Islamabad Police Bans Public from Bringing Phones Into Police Stations

Following Punjab police’s suit, Islamabad has also barred complainants and visitors from bringing Smartphones inside police stations.

According to local media reports, such a notification has been placed outside a police station in Bani Gala. The notice, issued from the SHO, directs the citizens to submit their phone(s) at the front desk before going into the police station.


It warns of strict action in case of non-compliance.

Note that IG Punjab police had also reportedly banned the use of smartphones in the premises of police stations across the province.

Experts believed that the police is trying to hide incidents like the ones that have been making the rounds on social media.

However, Chief Minister Usman Buzdar’s spokesperson Dr. Shahbaz Gil has clarified in a tweet that the notification was meant for police staff and not for the general public.

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