Alibaba and Telenor Partner to Bring Cloud Services to Pakistan

Being at the forefront of the ever-changing digital world, Telenor is always spear-heading innovation and bringing smart solutions for digital challenges. Its strong and engaging customer relationship has become the foundation of the customers’ technology needs.

To equip businesses in Pakistan with an elastic and intuitive Cloud offering solution, Telenor is bringing Public-Cloud in partnership with Alibaba Cloud that will provide the most comprehensive offers for its customers.

Alibaba Cloud offers more than 90 Cloud based services from 20 globally available regions. Most demanding Cloud based services that are being offered under this partnership include:

  • Compute: Type of Virtual Machine, that would meet your compute requirements. This compute is strong enough to support SAP Hana or any other Bigdata compute requirements. Apart from that dedicated compute can also be provisioned from our Alibaba Cloud as pe their workloads. Compute nodes are available from General purpose to CPU as well as Memory focused, considering customer’s needs.
  • Storage: Object Storage service, would provide highest performance for your workloads and even beyond 150,000 IOPS Storage needs. For non-critical storage requirements, we are also able to provide lower cost storage for those backup/archive solutions.
  • Databases: Opensource Relational Database services are available to meet customer’s requirements as Platform as a Service. MongoDB, MariaDB, MySQL, Postgres are some of RDS examples.
  • Networks: Content Delivery Networks are offered, to reduce network latency and enhance content(s) delivery to end customers across the world. A must to have service for Gaming and Media industries for live streaming of their data. Application centric Network Load Balancers are available to ensure Web servers can meet customer’s needs.
  • Security: Supporting ISO27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and other data privacy regulations as GDPR. Our partnered Cloud service will be able to help customers prevent their Cloud services from DDoS attacks as such strong prevention is already available in Alibaba Cloud. Software based Web Application Firewalls to answer customer’s needs for securing their Web Services.
  • Ecommerce Services: Our Ecommerce services extend from Domain Name to Enterprise Email services including Domain Hosting. Our Partnered Cloud services can provide a central control panel to manage your website(s). To manage Enterprise Email service, a postmaster account will be provided so that postmaster admin can create organizational structure to better control overall Email Services to their employees with segregation on department level as well as role level.

Here’s what the Head of Cloud and Data Services at Telenor told us about this partnership:

“We at Telenor, are enabling businesses to improve and accomplish their business objectives in the most innovative, secure and economical way with our world’s fastest growing cloud services offerings.”

Telenor Pakistan has years of experience in managing their inhouse IT services and has developed a team of Certified Cloud Experts. Based on this, they will be offering end to end Managed Services for its Cloud customers.

Here are some benefits for selecting Telenor Pakistan – Alibaba Cloud

  • 1 on 1 Presales Consultation
  • 24/7 Technical Support in local language
  • Ensuring faster issue resolution for our customers
  • Offering 99.99% uptime for our Cloud Services
  • Payment in Pakistan Rupees at the end of each after using Cloud Service
  • Locally available Managed Services for our clients
  • Availability of free trials for selected Cloud services

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