Google Pixel 4 and 4XL Hands-on Reveals Everything About the Phones

Last year, Google Pixel 3 and 3XL were leaked in full a few weeks before their launch. Something similar has happened this time with the upcoming Pixel duo showing up on hands-on videos.

Not one but two extensive hands-on videos of the upcoming Pixel smartphones have surfaced on the internet. One of them comes from the YouTube channel AnhEm TV and the second video comes from Rabbit TV.

Both videos are pretty long and confirm most of the rumors about the Pixel phones.

Color Variants

The first video by AnhEm TV reveals that the panda color variant we saw in the Google Pixel 2XL is back. The model has a matte white back and matte black front and sides. The texture of the side panels looks much like the grippy metal finish from the black Pixel 2. The model also has the accented orange power button.

The second video by the Rabbit TV, along with the panda color variant also shows a coral orange variant features the same matte back and matte black sides. The third variant features a black glossy outlook.


The YouTubers thoroughly explored the smartphone settings, camera app and the app list.

Pixel 4XL’s settings confirm that the smartphone has the ability to shift between 60Hz and 90Hz depending on the content being displayed on the screen. This is because a 90Hz refresh rate drains more battery.

Another thing revealed by the display settings is the Ambient EQ feature which is basically Google’s take on Apple’s True Tone functionality. The display will be able to automatically adjust the color temperature according to its environment, becoming darker in low light conditions and dialing up the saturation in bright light.

Camera App

Both of the videos take us on a tour of the camera application which clearly looks unfinished. The viewfinder takes a lot of space on the display and also curves with the edges. According to the video by the Rabbit channel, there are minor improvements in the Night Sight and portrait shots.

We’ll have to wait for the official launch version to compare the camera quality.

Launch Date

Google is not expected to launch the Pixel phones anytime soon. Recent leaks suggest October 15th as the launch date for Pixel 4 duo, but we don’t have any confirmation from the company yet.

Unfortunately, neither video demoed Project Soli which is expected to debut with the Pixels. For reference, Project Soli lets you use gestures to control various options and settings on the phone, like adjusting the volume on a video or scrolling through a webpage.

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  • I’ve been using pixel3a and my friend got it for me from US right after its launch and I must say that its pretty awesome phone and has value for money. Although pixel4 is a high end phone from pixel series but there are other interesting features like soli radar chip, camera etc. Hope it forces some iPhone users to switch to pixel.

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