Here’s What You Need to Know About Article 149 & Its Impact on Karachi

Law Minister Dr. Farogh Naseem has hinted at imposing Article 149 of the Constitution of Pakistan to take Karachi under federal control. He made these remarks on Wednesday, creating a wave of relief for the people of the problems-ridden metropolis.

Dr. Naseem said that the people of Karachi have witnessed the situation of their city and have seen it turning into a vast garbage dump.

There is nothing there except garbage, shortage of water, and flies.

The minister was speaking at a local TV channel last night when he said that the time was right to impose Article 149(4) to make Karachi an administrative unit under the federation.

He said that he was going to table it before the Karachi Strategic Committee very soon.

This is my personal opinion. And, I will table it before the Karachi Strategic Committee formed by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

If the committee agrees with my analysis, the proposal will be presented to the premier and the cabinet. Then, it is at their disposal to invoke the article in Karachi or not.

What is Article 149?

Under this constitutional provision, the federal government’s authority can be extended to any subjected province to deal with any grave threat to the peace or tranquility or economic life of the country.

Here is how Farogh Naseem explained this article:

It is an independent article of the constitution. This allows the federal government to exercise an executive authority under which it can issue directives to any provincial government if there are issues about peace, tranquility, and economic life.

This will allow the federal government to take control of the provincial capital’s administration and any projects currently underway or on hold, allowing them to directly manage the city’s operations.

  • If feds take Karachi in their control than its evidence of complete failure of MQM and this dirty corrupt person who call himself farogh naseem

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