All You Need to Know About Kia Picanto [Price & Specifications]

Kia Pakistan has officially started pre-bookings for the all-new Picanto. The 5-door hatchback will be Kia’s 3rd car in the country after Grand Carnival and Sportage.


While the first two were geared towards the high-end consumer base, Picanto will be competing in the midrange with the likes of Suzuki Cultus, Suzuki Wagon R, and Faw V2.

You can pre-book Picanto from today. Here are the ex-factory prices and the pre-booking price:

Picanto 1.0L Manual Picanto 1.0L Automatic
Ex. Factory Price Rs. 1,899,999/- Rs. 1,999,999/-
Pre-booking Price Rs. 949,000/- Rs. 999,000/-

Delivery will begin from the third week of October 2019.

Read on to find out more about the Kia Picanto.


The car looks like a standard hatchback with curves in the right places, and arches at the back. At the front, it has a tiger-nose grille with chrome trimmings. The grille is joined by slightly elongated headlights at the front with curvy, inverted-L shaped lights at the back. They have a multi-focus reflector along with  day-time running lights.

Interestingly, on the bumper, it has two rear lights similar to the new Suzuki Alto. The door handles have chrome on them and are bent inwards near the bottom.

The car will be available in four colors:

  • Mercury Blue
  • Sparkling Silver
  • Milky Beige
  • Clear White


The inside of the car, contrary to the small exterior, is very roomy and spacious. While the dashboard and the door trimmings look plasticky, they feel solid and well built nonetheless. The information dials behind the steering wheel have a mixture of both manual dials and digital ones.


There is a multimedia unit which has a built-in CD changer, a touchscreen display with Bluetooth support and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The cabin is fitted with an ambient light at night which comes from multiple lamps fitted in the overhead console, gear clutch foot, glove box and luggage area

While the trunk is small, the space can be increased by folding the back seats if you need to haul larger cargo.



Kia Picanto is powered by an inline 3-cylinder 1.0 MPI engine that has a displacement of 998CC and 69 horses under the hood, coupled with an automatic or manual transmission.

For reference, Suzuki’s new Cultus also has a similar engine with the same horsepower.

Other Features

The Picanto has a Smart key with push-button start/stop feature, and a Rear hatch wiper and defogger. It has two airbags one for the driver and the other for the front passenger side  and has an ISO child-fix. It will have power steering along with power side mirrors along with  power windows. The steering wheel along with power steering has a tilt adjustemnt feature.


  • Please don’t bother buying this old crap for 2 million, these thugs ( Suzuki, Toyota, Honda and now Kia and Hyundai) making huge profits from poor Pakistanis who don’t bother asking for premium stuff but happy with these craps. Buy used JDMs or other old cars to make them bring the prices down.

  • Car is a CBU unit. But as usual way too high. They should keep price compenrative keeping in mind current trend of car sales. This will help them capture market.

  • This info is wrong, no sunroof what are u saying, u didnt even compare the dimensions or anything, where is the suspension setup? Engine is not same specs as cultus, cultus has 67 hp there is a tiny bit difference
    This is a copy paste article not even anywhere valid

  • Not worth for 2m rupees it will be a total failure in pakiStan people will prefer to buy used imported car with full option.

  • too expensive, i was expecting more from kia.
    japanese imported cars are a better option now
    or you can chose bravo/prince pearl

  • OMG! 1,899,999 for Picanto. Its too much. Man Go for used Carola. It should not more than 1.4M.
    This is the lowest market price in UAE. and people make fun of it.

  • Kindky rewrite this article. Launched picanto doesn’t has sunroof, answering call in steering etc. Keep urself updated & dont spread wrong info

  • Swanky! I think it has potential, but a lot of people won’t buy it because popular brands like the Toyota Yaris or Suzuki WagonR have dominated the market. Still, can’t w8.

    • Oh people will buy it, but not in masses because of price, its still better than cultus we use here, kia doesn’t want to sell it much, they don’t want to import so many units, may be they would consider assembling it and until the plant gets decent capacity then reduce the price

  • Please mercey, should be price 15 to 16 lacks, this car will be totally floop through high rate, because vitz and alto much better.

  • its is tooooooooooooooooooooooo costly. Kia walon ka damagh kharab hy we were expecting good car at cheap rates so that we can buy at our own convenience but it seems that kia will be even worse “choors” ‘ thieves’ than the previous three big car companies. Shame on them.

  • What all you need to know is this crap is highly overprices. The author did not take pain to add images of local pichanto and add pictures of international variant.

  • its £10,000, granted its not euro6 and not the latest model of the picanto but i would blame the awam for not asking for premium quality fuel. The general public dont speak up and you get what you deserve. Although, this car is worth £10,000

  • This car isn’t worth more than 11 lacs and yet they launched it at 2 million price tag as an entrant into the auto sector of Pakistan, that’s a welcome and goodbye for them.

  • The pictures you have added is from thirsd generation where as KIA launch 2nd generation model in pakistan.. RIP

  • Corolla, a truly reliable car. So, to people like us reliability means; the car survives fall into an unexpected pothole and no matter what KIA or AUDI or HONDA or HYUNDAI are Toyota and Suzuki do well in these terms.

  • this is the 2nd Generation car that launched in pakistan,
    if there is nice stylish 3rd Generation car is available then why to buy old one ?

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