PTA Asks Zong to Take Down All 5G Advertisements

With reference to Zong’s recent 5G advertisements in print and electronic media, the public is informed that Zong was only allowed to carry out test and trial of 5G technology, in line with the policy of the government of Pakistan.

The Cellular Mobile Operator (CMO), i.e. Zong, is not authorized to offer commercial mobile services based on 5G technology in Pakistan.

To this end, Zong has already been communicated by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to withdraw any advertisements that may mislead the public regarding availability of commercial services based on 5G network.

In line with the policy directive issued by the government, PTA has unveiled its roadmap for facilitating public testing of 5G technology and related services in Pakistan this year. This trial was the first one to be conducted. Other CMOs will also conduct 5G trials in the future, under policy guidelines.

    • Mango

      its wrong to mislead people about the product

      hr banda aa k kehta Zong ne 5G Launch kr dia pta chhankany da v ni

      So PTA did right

      • aur mazzay ki baat abhi tak koi 3-4 devices hein jo 5G support karti hein jesa ke Huawei P30 Pro aur Samsung Galaxy S10 5G etc. Aur inn devices ki price $1000+ hai… zaahir si baat hai aik average Pakistani tou isko afford bhi nahi kar sakta.. abhi iss ko at least 2-3 saal lagengy tb tak yeh technology mazeed phones mein bhi aaey gi.

      • har banda nhe kehta. sirf chotiya banda kehta he. Testing aur launching me frq he. agr ad me likha he k launch kardia to ad zong ki gaff me de do, nhe to PTA ko middle finger.

  • Thanks the Telecom regulatory authority PTA for keeping our flag flying at full mast, as a sovereign nation, per ITU, Geneva recommendations.
    Under PTA the iPhone, Qualcomm all should be considered for local assembly and export to the world markets after assembling in Pakistan possibly at TIP Haripur Hazara.

  • Dajjali fitny hain saab.
    Aik he saf main khary hain mehmood o ayyaz
    Pasy or technology ke peechay musalman apna asal bhook bety hain .

    • Acha agar yeh sab dajali fitne hai to ap rat ko 01:13am par kya kr rhi hai….
      .. Kehta rhe logo ko wo shetan hai shetan hai…
      Par shetan apne kandhe par dekha hi nae.. ?

  • *My Speculation*
    Lagta hai JAZZ tension le gaya hai lol… and as always aisi harkatain kr k doosro ko marketing nai krne de raha unki true capabilities. and if PTA has directly to do something with this then they should allow Zong to tell their customers what they are capable of

  • Really cheeky of zong to take advantage of a stupid trial to promote their brand. PTA was found napping. They should spend less time harassing operators about license renewal fees and more regulating the market.

  • Really cheeky of zong to take advantage of a test to promote their brand. PTA was found napping. They should spend less time counting license renewal fees and more time regulating the market.

  • first of all this was a site testing, as if in a small room, it was not the 5G network testing. so be aware..

  • Jalnay walay jal jal k marjain lekin Zong ne dikha dia k 5G technology wo chala k de sktay hain kisi bhi time is thakay huay mulk ki thaki hui awam ko .
    Or hmko agay barhnay se wese hi dar lagta hai dunya se . So piari awam wait karay 5-6 saal tk … jab tk dosri countries ma ye service aam nhi hojati .

  • Salutes, honor, compliments, to the regulatory authority PTA to enable the country for 5G accession shortly. PTA being member of the UN/ITU is provided spectrum allocated to PK with the dis-claimer, to testing, simulation, and to devise a regulatory, tariff, type approval/homologation, of the terminal/handset also. As both the handset is provided by Huawei Technologies with the OS which is proprietory to Huawei Hong Meng may not be transparent for privacy of the user. Hence till the time the OS, and the spectrum may be tested verified by the regulatory for safe for the user for their privacy of contents. Again very proud for the honor Pakistan has with PTA for the 5G testing, trails.

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