Artificial Intelligence to be Introduced in Pakistani Courts: CJP Asif Khosa

In a surprising statement, the Chief Justice of Pakistan (JCP), Asif Saeed Khosa has said that Artificial Intelligence will be introduced in Pakistani courts.

He added that the use of technology will greatly assist the judges, who “themselves are very intelligent”.

Khosa said this during the launch ceremony of apex court’s new website, video link and research center. He reiterated that both model courts and e-courts are helping serve justice better while saving time and money.

AI integration is being done with cooperation from NADRA and the American Department of Justice.

Chairman NADRA, Usman Mubeen said that CJP has been very active in introducing modern technologies in the judicial system, adding that his department will continue to work with the Supreme Court. “The new website will include all the information pertaining to online cases”, he further said.

Feature Writer

  • Best wishes/compliments Honorable Chief Justice Pakistan Asif Saeed Khosa on your vision that will improve Access to Justice.

    May I suggest the application of Artificial Intelligence is equally important to the lower court where the physical system of papers, evidences, references plus security of the document system will assure the honor of the honor for access to Justice.

  • Natural intelligence is lacking as you can see from the private school fee cap and deko riq fiascos among others. PSM is another example of this.

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