You Can Now Share your WhatsApp Status to Facebook

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been testing a new feature which lets you share your WhatsApp status to Facebook. The company has now quietly released the feature and it’s officially being rolled out to iOS and Android devices.

Several users have spotted the feature on their phones and have reported it on Twitter. Indian users say that the new feature is fully functional on app version 2.19.258 on their Android smartphones.

Additionally, this feature will also allow you to share your WhatsApp status as Instagram stories, so you no longer have to go through the hassle of sharing the same story on three different platforms.

How it Works

However, without any official announcement, WhatsApp has set up an FAQ on its website that details how the new feature works. If you happen to have the right app version, you will see a “Share to Facebook Story” option under “My Status” in the status tab with a share button right next to it.

If you’ve posted multiple status updates on WhatsApp, you can share all of them to Facebook or choose to share a select few under the “My Status” section.

Do keep in mind that the statuses you share to Facebook or any other apps will not be protected by end to end encryption. Also, the feature will only work if you have the Facebook or Facebook Lite app installed on your device.

  • Once a WhatsApp Status is posted as Facebook Story, it will stay there for 24 hours. A WhatsApp Status can be shared as Facebook Story multiple times and it stays there even if you delete the original WhatsApp status. Notably, the WhatsApp Status updates shared to Facebook Stories appear only as a screenshot. So, if you are sharing a WhatsApp update that carries a link, it will not be clickable on Facebook but appear only as a picture with text.

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