Pakistani Players Who Defeated Arslan Ash Denied Visa for Tekken 7 Tournament

Professional Tekken player, Arslan Ash made waves in the global e-gaming community when he was crowned the champion of both EVO World and EVO Japan earlier this year.

Arslan Ash defeated South Korea’s Knee in Las Vegas to take home the trophy for the world’s most coveted Tekken 7 tournament.

While one wonders that Arslan would be invincible and moon-walk his way to victory over other Pakistanis on his return to a local Tekken 7 event, two other talented Pakistanis showed what they were capable of.

Awais Honey and Atif Butt are professional Tekken 7 players who hold the record of beating EVO World 2019 champion in a local gaming event.

These three players were set to leave for the Philippines to participate in Rev Major, however, the visa requests from Awais and Atif have been rejected.

Arslan, on the other hand, will be seen in action at the event which is a premiere Fighting Game event in the Asia-Pacific region. Players from around the region will be seen fighting for glory in different fighting video games.

It would have been a spectacle to see the Pakistani trio battle it out at a global stage for the first time. However, they have been denied visa for the event which is scheduled to take place this weekend.

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  • Pakistan has a new gaming champion Arslan Ash who won the Evo Championship tournament held in Japan earlier this year and recently won the Evo Championship in Las Vegas. This is his story of overcoming adversity and becoming the world’s first Pakistani gamer to win this title.

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