Google Pixel 4 Will Automatically Alert Authorities If It Detects a Car Crash

Almost all the Android Q beta applications come with an extra app dubbed as ‘Emergency information’. In May this year, XDA-Developers found changes in the application which hinted that Google was planning to add automatic car crash detection to pixel phones.

Google, without any announcement, has accidentally or intentionally rolled out the updated application under the name ‘Personal Safety’ which is available on Play Store for Pixel phones. The application uses a combination of sensors including the accelerometer and the microphone to detect a car crash and notify the concerned personnel.

The app is capable of detecting a crash based on the sudden decrease in the user’s movement, the readings from motion sensors and ambient audio from the smartphone’s microphone.

If the application suspects a car crash, it will start ringing a loud alarm and will ask the user if he/she needs any help. Based on the images shared by XDA-Developers the app will ask the user to confirm an accident multiple times so that it can prevent making a false alarm. If the user does not respond, it will initiate a call to 911 with the user’s location.

Apart from this, users will also be given an option to alert their emergency contacts and 911 by just tapping Medical, Fire or Police options that will be displayed on the screen post car crash detection.

According to the listing found by XDA-Developers, the feature will be only available in the United States and will make its debut with the pixel 4 pair before expanding to other pixel phones.

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