Legendary Golfer Gary Player Praises Imran Khan for His Efforts

Gary Player – one of the greatest golfers in the world – has praised Prime Minister Imran Khan and his role for world peace.

In a video message that went viral on Monday, the South African said that he has been following Imran Khan and counted him among one of his heroes, besides Nelson Mandela.

“I just like to get this message through to you… I wish I had the words of Shakespeare or Winston Churchill to give you the credit that you deserve,” Gary said, adding that he was proud of PM Imran for his efforts to ensure regional peace.

I’m so proud of you for what you’re doing in your region […] you’re one of my heroes, may Allah be with you all the time. You’re one of my heroes.

Gary believes that Imran Khan will need another two years or so to get his message [of peace] across the world, and wished him good luck.

Who is Gary Player?

Gary Player is one of the greatest golfers the world has ever known. During his career, he won nine major championships on the regular tour and nine more championships on the Champions Tour.

He became the youngest Career Grand Slam-winning player of his era at the age of 29. He held the record for over a decade which was then broken by Nicklaus (26) and Tiger Woods (24).

  • Imran Khan is THE greatest of all. Imran khan will Succeed Inshallah.

    • He is already more successful than any other “LEADER” in near past of Pakistan. InshaAllah he will succeed in putting Pakistan’s economy back on track.

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